Morwen's Log Table of Contents

Since it has gotten too long and link-heavy to work on Tumblr, I have decided to move the table of contents for my Star Trek Online character’s log here.
Note that these are in chronological order (oldest post at the top), as opposed to the main blog, which is in reverse chronological order (newest post at the top).
Part 1: The Klingon War
1) The Oracle

  1. Beginnings: Morwen graduates Starfleet Academy and does her training cruise on the USS Oracle. (Note: These were my first posts, when I still thought using replies to link Supplemental logs to the master Captain’s Log was a good idea—tags work much better. So they’re slightly messy to read, sorry.) [Also available as a prose narrative.]
  2. Stranded in Space: The Oracle is assigned to look for a lost freighter, and finds trouble.
  3. Diplomatic Orders: The Oracle is assigned to protect an ambassador who is not all that he seems.
  4. Oracle’s Last Stand: When a Borg fleet enters the Sirius Sector, Morwen is determined to help stop them. In the aftermath, she struggles to deal with her sense of failure.

2) The Nephilim

  1. Celes Patrol: Morwen and Kolez investigate possible sabotage on Starbase 114.
  2. Hide and Seek: The Nephilim explores the Paulson Nebula in an attempt to determine why the fake Ambassador Sokketh sent a signal there.
  3. Starbase 24 Defense: The Nephilim must help defend Starbase 24 from a massive Klingon fleet that has slipped behind Federation lines.
  4. Stop the Signal: The Nephilim searches for a hidden Klingon listening post in Federation space.
  5. Researcher Rescue: When contact is lost with an archeological research station in the Kassae system, the Nephilim is sent to investigate and provide assistance.

3) The Sakura

  1. [Promotion]: Lieutenant Commander: Morwen is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given command of a new ship, the small but advanced science vessel USS Sakura. She has mixed feelings about this.
  2. Halting the Gorn Advance: Morwen fights to protect miners in the Tostig System from lizard space giants, and she and T’Vrell take the first steps toward learning some important lessons.
  3. The Kuvah’Magh: Morwen tries to prevent a pro-war faction of Klingons from disrupting peace talks.
  4. Treasure Trading Station: A servant in one of the Klingon Great Houses wants to defect to the Federation.
  5. Secret Orders: The Sakura is sent to locate a Klingon base hidden in the dangerous Briar Patch Nebula, while the seeds of tension sprout among the crew.
  6. Task Force Hippocrates: A Starfleet task force tries to stop Klingon and Gorn raids on medical and research facilities near the border.

4) The Ghosts of Drozana

  1. Skirmish: The mysterious Drake sends the Sakura to investigate fighting between the Cardassians and Klingons. (Interdimensional Vampire Ghost Giants From Space Saga, Part 1).
  2. Outreach: Morwen helps negotiate a trade dispute.
  3. Spin the Wheel: The crew of the Sakura goes on shore leave, but it’s actually a cover for Morwen to go on a mission for Drake. (Interdimensional Vampire Ghost Giants From Space Saga, Part 2).
  4. What Lies Beneath: Armed with a prototype weapon, the crew of the Sakurareturn to the haunted depths of Drozana Station–but there is more than one way to be a ghost… (Interdimensional Vampire Ghost Giants From Space Saga, Part 3).
  5. Eihress System Patrol: The Sakura protects aid shipments from Reman raiding parties.
  6. Everything Old Is New: The Sakura away team returns to Drozana Station, and a gateway to the past… (Interdimensional Vampire Ghost Giants From Space Saga, Part 4).
  7. Night of the Comet: The Sakura goes back in time to foil the Devidians’ plans. (Interdimensional Vampire Ghost Giants From Space Saga, Part 5).

5) The Kestrel

  1. [Promotion]: Commander: Morwen is promoted and given command of a new ship, the Advanced Research Vessel Kestrel
  2. Klingon Scout Force: …and promptly sent on a pure combat mission involving no research.
  3. Traelus Satellite Repair: Morwen reluctantly goes on another mission for Drake.
  4. Kinjer System Patrol: The Kestrel is sent to study a rare form of radiation.
  5. The Ultimate Klingon: The Klingons and Gorn have been raiding Federation medical and biological research facilities, and the Kestrel assigned to find out where they’re taking their plunder and why.
  6. The Doomsday Device: Ambassador B’vat returns and awakens an ancient terror with the intent of turning it on the Federation.

6) Conspiracy

  1. Arrested!: Morwen gets caught in a Kafka-esque court martial over nothing. [Original]
  2. Koolhaas System Patrol: The new crew of the USS Ariel go on a fairly straightforward mission, while Morwen gathers her most trusted officers to found a conspiracy.
  3. Betreka Nebula Duty: The Ariel explores a nebula, Morwen sits in a hero’s chair, and the plot thickens.
  4. Terran Empire Encounter: The Ariel has an extremely brief brush with the Mirror Universe.
  5. City on the Edge of Never: While Morwen’s conspiracy closes in on their quarry, Ambassador B’vat switches tactics to kidnapping and time travel.
  6. Past Imperfect: The Ariel chases B’vat into the past, and the identity of the mole is revealed.
  7. Temporal Ambassador: The Ariel investigates strange temporal readings in the Azure Nebula, but they turn out to be nothing at all whatsoever. I mean, it’s not like Morwen ended up on some kind of bizarre-yet-awesome adventure in an alternate timeline that ultimately became a paradoxical quest to erase itself from ever having happened, thus ensuring the log doesn’t cover it.

Part II: Romulan Mystery
1) The Wasteland

  1. Secrets of Nimbus: Restored to her rightful place in command of the Kestrel, Morwen sets off for Nimbus III to investigate the possibility that thalaron weapons are being traded.
  2. The Lost City of Paradise: The crew of the Kestrel meet their contact on Nimbus and get their first taste of the “delights” the planet has in store. Also there’s a Borg tending bar, that’s kind of interesting.
  3. Blind Men Tell All Tales:  Morwen and crew hunt for the Orion stronghold on Nimbus III.
  4. The Undying: The Kestrel crew confront the leader of the Orions on Nimbus III.
  5. A Fistful of Gorn: Morwen’s team run a gauntlet of Gorn separatists en route to the Tal Shiar base.
  6. Installation 18: Inside the base, we finally learn the secrets of the Romulan presence on Nimbus III.

2) The Starfire

  1. [Promotion]: Captain: Morwen is promoted and transferred to a new ship, the Galaxy-class USS Starfire.
  2. Heading Out: The Starfire transports a Trill scientist to the Romulan border.
  3. Under the Cover of Night: A Starfleet intelligence analyst intends to defect to the Romulans.
  4. Minefield: Morwen works with an arrogant scientist on a plan to make the Federation’s transwarp conduits more secure.

3) The Watson

  1. Divide et Impera: The Starfire gets a massive overhaul and is rechristened theWatson, and assigned to serve as Admiral Zelle’s flagship for a mission on the Romulan border.
  2. Saturday’s Child: In which STO decides that uncritically repeating some of the most problematic and racist elements of TOS is a good idea. Thank goodness they later deleted this mission!
  3. Preemptive Strike: In which the Watson slips in ahead of a Starfleet attack on the Rator System to rescue POWs.
  4. Hunting the Hunters: In which the Watson away team falls into a trap while searching for missing scientists.
  5. Project Nightingale: In which the Watson discovers a secret Romulan research project while attempting another rescue mission.
  6. By Any Means: In which the Watson must stop the Romulan research project before they unleash something terrible.

4) Testing the Shion

  1. Ground Zero: In which Morwen and her crew test out the new USS Shion and investigate the Hobus Supernova Remnant.
  2. Ghost Ship: In which an old enemy returns to plague the Watson.
  3. Friend of My Enemy: In which Morwen stretches the rules to help some plague victims, and gets drawn into conflict with the Reman Separatist Movement.
  4. Taris: In which Morwen and her crew board the Shion once again, and things get weird.
  5. Trapped: In which the Shion is diverted on its way home to search for a missing ship.

5) Quitters Never Win

  1. S’harien’s Swords: In which the Watson crew have one last mission together.
  2. The Voyage Home: In which Morwen goes home to Alizar. [Original]
  3. The Vault: In which, every time Morwen is about to get out, Starfleet drags her back in.

6) Out of the Ashes

  1. [Promotion]: Rear Admiral, Lower Half: In which Morwen crews the Phoenixwith faces old and new.
  2. Mine Enemy: In which Morwen discovers more than one dark secret on a mining planet, and makes a new friend.
  3. Frozen: In which Obisek turns out to be surprisingly decent and T’Nae somewhat less surprisingly not.
  4. Hfifar System Patrol: In which Morwen works out her frustrations and protects some scientists.
  5. [Promotion]: Rear Admiral, Upper Half: In which Morwen’s rapid rise through the ranks is more transparently politically motivated than ever.
  6. Coliseum: In which things go suddenly very, very wrong indeed. But the “Arena” fight music plays, so it’s all okay.
  7. Cutting the Cord: In which the Federation finally gets involved and the Phoenix and Remans attack the Tal Shiar.
  8. Traelus Satellite “Repair”: In which T’Vrell tries to get some information on Section 31.
  9. Darkness Before the Dawn: In which the Remans are free, and there are hints of things to come.

Part III: Rise of the Republic
1) A New Beginning

  1. Tephrei System Patrol: In which the Phoenix stumbles on relics of a vanished empire.
  2. [Promotion]: Vice Admiral: In which Morwen gets her last promotion for quite a long time.
  3. New Romulus Aid: In which Morwen is invited to help the newly independent Romulan Republic.
  4. Lending a Hand: In which Morwen, Kolez, and occasionally Piedrecita help the people of New Romulus explore their new home.

2) A Fresh Start

  1. Traelus System Investigation: In which Morwen and her team make their first real move against Section 31.
  2. Hot Lead: In which the Tholians are up to something on Nukara Prime, and Morwen considers bringing someone new into her conspiracy.
  3. Empress Sela: In which Talana and the crew of the Shion travel into the past to try to stop Section 31 from altering history.
  4. Desperate Measures: In which Talana and the crew of the Shion race to stop the Tal Shiar from making a terrible mistake, and discover they’ve made some rather unsavory new allies.
  5. Shadow Play: In which an attempt to take a new friend home leads to the discovery of a destroyed world and a race to stop the same from happening to another.
  6. Taris Redux: In which Talana and the crew of the Shion restore history to something vaguely resembling its familiar form.

Part IV: Cardassian Struggle
1) The True Way

  1. Venture into Deep Space: Back in the present, Morwen and the 147th are assigned to the borders of Cardassian space, and things get awkward.
  2. Badlands: The Phoenix goes hunting for a True Way base in the Badlands, and Morwen encounters some familiar faces.
  3. Suspect: In which Morwen hopes she’ll get to do science for once, and it goes about as well as you probably expect.
  4. War Games: In which fakes get real.
  5. Shutdown: In which the fakes getting real turns out to have been a fakeout, and now they’re really real.
  6. Temple Offerings: In which we get a fetch quest-y taste of why STO disabled “diplomacy” missions shortly before I started playing.
  7. Chapel System Patrol: In which some odd debris turns out to have ominous implications.
  8. Liuen System Patrol: In which Morwen tries to keep the Klingons from allying with the True Way.
  9. Culver System Patrol: In which Morwen encounters someone unexpected.
  10. Enocha System Patrol: In which Morwen investigates some sightings of the Jem’Hadar.

2) Crossover

  1. Rapier: In which Morwen and a new Romulan friend go searching for a long-lost starship in the Bajoran Wormhole, and learns something surprising but seemingly unrelated. Crossover with 01d55’s STO character Leva Aekarr.
  2. Toron System Patrol: In which Morwen attempts to learn more about the Jem’Hadar presence in the Alpha Quadrant. This being STO, for “learn more about” read “blow up.”
  3. Forging Bonds: In which Morwen and Aekarr confirm a link between the Jem’Hadar and the True Way. Continues the crossover with 01d55’s character.
  4. Corwin System Patrol: In which the Phoenix has to run a True Way blockade on an agricultural colony.
  5. Shahr System Patrol: In which Morwen investigates some suspicious miners with ties to the True Way.
  6. Dubh System Patrol: In which the Phoenix tries to clear the True Way out of an old Maquis redoubt.
  7. Phi System Patrol: In which the Phoenix dodges Jem’Hadar while Morwen tries to do some asteroid geology.
  8. Mirish System Patrol: In which the True Way try to squeeze some miners unfriendly to it, and the Phoenix gets in trouble trying to help them.
  9. The Long Night: In which the New Dominion is revealed, and Morwen and Aekarr part on good terms. Concludes this crossover with 01d55’s character.

3) The New Dominion

  1. B’lii System Patrol: In which the New Dominion try to cut off communications with Cardassia and the Badlands, and the Phoenix responds.
  2. Bavar System Patrol: In which the newly upgraded Phoenix joins in a renewed Starfleet offensive against the True Way and Alpha Jem’Hadar.
  3. Aria System Patrol: In which an attempt at shore leave goes rapidly badly wrong.
  4. The Tribble with Klingons: In which Morwen is forced to interrupt the Second Great Tribble Hunt.
  5. Malon System Patrol: In which Morwen finds a True Way communications post and tries to take it out.
  6. Tear of the Prophets: In which Morwen travels to Cardassia Prime to pick up a recently rediscovered Bajoran Orb, and things get a bit weird.
  7. Elwing System Patrol: In which Morwen unwisely ignores the advice of her doctor.
  8. Reimers System Patrol: In which Morwen stumbles onto a Klingon fleet massing in a remote corner of Cardassian space.

4) Smoke and Mirrors

  1. Crack in the Mirror: In which Deep Space Nine is occupied by duplicates of Starfleet officers. Again.
  2. Obrom System Patrol: In which the True Way attempt a multi-pronged attack.
  3. The New Link: In which the Phoenix goes looking for an Alpha Jem’Hadar stronghold, and finds something rather more.
  4. Aokii System Patrol: In which the Phoenix and Defiant lead a fleet to destroy the main True Way ship repair facility.
  5. Seeds of Dissent: In which the True Way is a little less defeated than previously thought.
  6. The Other Side: In which Morwen leads the 147th into the Mirror Universe.
  7. Cage of Fire: In which an old cult rears anew.

5) Ghosts and Echoes

  1. Second Wave: In which Morwen attends a conference between Alpha Quadrant powers about the Borg problem.
  2. Of Bajor: In which Morwen helps set up a new base of operations for the task force to retake Deep Space Nine YET AGAIN.
  3. Operation Gamma: In which Morwen attempts to contact the Dominion.
  4. Facility 4028: In which a prisoner transfer proves more difficult than expected.
  5. Boldly They Rode: In which the plan to retake Deep Space Nine goes awry, and guess who has to fix it? (Crossover with 01d55’s character Leva Aekarr.)

Part V: The Cold Machines
1) Borg Advance

  1. Borg Invasion: Beta Ursae: Pretty much what it says on the tin.
  2. Report to Gamma Orionis: The 147th is reassigned to a joint Klingon-Federation task force created to fight the Borg.
  3. Where Angels Fear to Tread: In which both the crew of the Phoenix and the Borg get drawn into the Tal Shiar’s latest scheme, and Morwen discovers a lingering effect of her first day on the job.
  4. A Gathering Darkness: In which Morwen witnesses the Borg assimilation virus firsthand, while trying to recover research into a possible cure.
  5. Assimilation: In which the Phoenix races to stop the Borg from assimilating an Undine and gaining their abilities.
  6. Fluid Dynamics: In which Admiral D’Vak and Morwen lead an expedition to destroy the Borg beachhead into fluidic space, aided by Admiral Tuvok and the USS Voyager.

2) Breen Invasion

  1. Cold Call: In which Morwen takes some diplomats to Deferah–but the Deferi Ambassador has other reasons for wanting her and the Phoenix around…
  2. Aiding the Deferi: In which the 147th helps protect the Deferi from Breen raids.
  3. Out in the Cold: In which the Phoenix saves some Deferi from Breen slavers, and Morwen figures out who is betraying her to Section 31.
  4. Rescue Deferi Captives: In which Jhimyn finds a novel way to deal with slavers.
  5. Cold Comfort: In which Morwen meets a friendly Breen and does some field medicine.
  6. Cold Case: In which there is Adventure Archeology.
  7. Cold Storage: In which the Preserver Archive is opened.

3) Special Task Force

  1. Defera Invasion Zone: In which someone worse than the Breen shows up.
  2. Infected: In which Morwen and her team try to stop the Borg from taking over a starbase.
  3. The Cure: In which old enemies find common cause against the Borg.
  4. Khitomer Vortex: In which Battle Group Omega tries the stop the Borg from going back in time.
  5. Khitomer in Stasis: In which Morwen chases the Borg back in time, and more than one loop closes.
  6. The Hive: In which Morwen takes the fight to the Borg.

Part VI: Solanae Dyson Sphere
1) New Romulan Mystery

  1. Hidden Camera: In which a mysterious message brings Morwen back to New Romulus.
  2. Secret Shuttle Codes: In which Morwen’s mystery correspondent leads her to expose the Tal Shiar’s new ally.
  3. Web Access: In which another threat to New Romulus is revealed.
  4. Latest Findings: In which Morwen attends a presentation about archeological findings on New Romulus.
  5. The Power Source: In which the fate of the ancient Dewans is revealed.
  6. Beta Lankal System Patrol: In which the Phoenix is sent to try to recover some Iconian-era artifacts from a system claimed by the Tholians, and has a surprising encounter.
  7. Pheben System Patrol: In which the Phoenix has to enforce a quarantine to prevent the spread of ship-eating bacteria.
  8. Nequencia Alpha System Patrol: In which Morwen conducts a chain of deals.
  9. Archer System Patrol: In which the Phoenix assists a Romulan patrol under attack by Tholians.

2) When One Door Shuts…

  1. Galorndon Core System Patrol: In which the Phoenix assists a herd of lost cosmozoans in getting home.
  2. Narendra System Patrol: In which there is irony of a sort.
  3. Carraya System Patrol: In which the Tal Shiar try to prevent a world from joining the Republic.
  4. Acamar System Patrol: In which Morwen has to mediate a dispute between warring clans.
  5. Jouret System Patrol: In which the Hirogen continue to make trouble in Romulan space.
  6. Secrets of the Ancients: In which Morwen once again teams up with Admiral Leva to explore the Dewan ruins, and they make an astonishing discovery. (Crossover with 01d55’s character Leva Aekarr.)
  7. Sphere of Influence: In which Morwen’s timeline catches up to Leva’s, and then things get weird.

3) Sturm und Drang

  1. Circles Within Circles: In which Morwen helps lead a joint Federation-Klingon-Romulan mission to explore a newly discovered Dyson Sphere. (Note: The characters of Sorthal and Kelona were co-created by 01d55.)
  2. Supply Woes: In which the Phoenix helps establish a minefield and supply lines within the Dyson Sphere to deal with the hostile Voth.
  3. The Contested Zone: In which Morwen joins the battle against the Voth.
  4. Unexpected Friend: In which a Voth scientist contacts Morwen.
  5. Unlikely Neighbors: In which Exil once again contacts Morwen and reveals the Sphere was built for the Iconians. (Note: The characters of Sorthal and Kelona were co-created by 01d55.)
  6. The Omega Standoff: In which the joint expedition fights a ground campaign against the Voth for control of a massive stockpile of the omega particles generated by the Dyson Sphere.
  7. Unsafe Practices: In which Exil, Morwen’s Voth scientist contact, becomes concerned that the Voth are experimenting dangerously with omega particles.
  8. Tower Control: In which Morwen leads a fleet to seize control of several planet-scaled buildings from the Voth.

4) …Another Door Opens

  1. Unsavory Actions: In which Exil joins an underground movement to stop the Voth from experimenting with omega particles.
  2. Death and Dishonor: In which a Klingon captain comes after Morwen for killing her father. [Original, co-written with 01d55]
  3. Unsaid Thanks: In which Exil betrays his people to save everyone.
  4. A Step Between Stars: In which Morwen and Tuvok lead missions to take control of the Sphere’s jump drive before the Voth do.
  5. Fluidic Destruction: In which the Undine invade Solanae.
  6. Surface Tension: In which a war ends, and the puppetmaster is revealed.

Part VII: The Delta Quadrant
1) Beyond Jenolan

  1. Escalation: In which Morwen goes to the Delta Quadrant.
  2. Mindscape: In which Morwen goes somewhere much weirder.
  3. Reunion: In which Morwen meets the incarnation of annoyance.
  4. Escalation: In which Morwen continues to deal with annoying Talaxians.
  5. Friends in Unlikely Places: In which Morwen leads a mission to reopen contact with some of the friendly civilizations Voyager encountered 30 years ago.
  6. Revelations: In which Morwen encounters the mysterious new power in the Delta Quadrant firsthand, and learns their identity.
  7. Enemies in All the Usual Places: In which the 147th sets out to try to make friends of all the people Voyager pissed off, with decidedly mixed success.
  8. [Promotion]: Admiral: In which Morwen is promoted, as are a couple of other people.

2) Planet of the Dead

  1. The Kobali Front: In which Morwen arrives with troops to help the Kobali in their ground war with the Vaadwaur.
  2. The Cavalry: In which Harry Kim reveals to Morwen some puzzling behavior by the Vaadwaur attacking the Kobali.
  3. With Friends Like These: In which Morwen returns to seeking out new life and new civilizations and trying to make friends with them.
  4. The Son: On Kobali Prime, Cpt Ubuh investigates why a Kobali advance group didn’t provide warning of an impending attack.
  5. All That Glitters: The Vaadwaur leader, Gaul, makes overtures of peace. It doesn’t go well.
  6. The Temple of My People: Ubuh investigates Gaul’s claims about what the Kobali are up to.
  7. Know Your Enemies: The Phoenix has a series of adventures while patrolling for Vaadwaur incursions.
  8. Data Recovery: Ubuh leads a team to steal military research from the Vaadwaur.
  9. Looming Shadows: Ubuh’s team uncovers Vaadwaur bioweapon plans with genocidal implications.

3) The Alliance

  1. Capture the Flag: Morwen and the Phoenix crew try to help a Romulan ship boarded by a Vaadwaur supersoldier.
  2. Hidden Assault: Morwen returns to Kobali Prime with a fresh force of Klingon and Romulan soldiers.
  3. A New Warfare: In a race to find a countermeasure before the Vaadwaur can unleash their bioweapon, Morwen leads a raid on a Vaadwaur base.
  4. Breaking the Wall: Morwen takes part in a massive ground operation to try to stop the Vaadwaur’s attempted genocide of the Kobali.
  5. With Our Last Breath: The Allied forces on Kobali Prime make their final assault to stop the Vaadwaur’s plans.
  6. Our Chance for Peace: Morwen brokers a deal that will allow the Kobali to continue to reproduce without any more Vaadwaur dying in stasis.
  7. The Dragon’s Deceit: Morwen discovers the truth about the Vaadwaur super-soldiers, and a clue to their mysterious backers.
  8. Alliances: Morwen and friends try to persuade the local sentients to join a cooperative alliance against the Vaadwaur.

4) Endgame

  1. Better With Friends: Morwen takes the Phoenix out on a tour to help out their new allies and build relationships.
  2. Revolution: Eldex calls Morwen in to help expose the bluegill control of the Vaadwaur leadership to the rest of the Vaadwaur people.
  3. Taking Care of Enemies: The crew of the Phoenix have a series of adventures involving uneasy alliances with enemies.
  4. Borg Disconnected: The sudden disappearance of a large number of Cooperative ships leads the way to a Borg Unimatrix complex, and Morwen leads an allied fleet to take it out. Then things get… complicated.
  5. Dust to Dust: Captain Harry Kim’s suspicions about the Kobali are partially confirmed when he and Morwen discover they’ve been keeping a prisoner in their temple: Ensign Harry Kim. Wait, what?
  6. Takedown: Morwen leads a massive assault of allied forces against the Vaadwaur homeworld.
  7. [Promotion]: Fleet Admiral: Morwen returns to Earth to be inducted into the highest rank a Starfleet officer can achieve, meets the President, and learns what he thinks of her.
  8. What’s Left Behind: Investigating the sphere found in Gaul’s headquarters leads Morwen, Leva, and the Doctor to the origins of the bluegills and an encounter with the last person they expected to see.
  9. What’s Right Ahead: Morwen feels out Captain Raloev for membership in the anti-Section 31 conspiracy, and stumbles onto more than she bargained for. [Original]

Part VIII: The Iconian War
1) Surprise Attack [Original]

  1. Uneasy Allies: On her way back from the Delta Quadrant, Morwen diverts to help Leva and VanZyl investigate some strange readings. (Crossover with 01d55’s character Leva Aekarr.)
  2. Commencement Ceremonies: Morwen is asked to provide the commencement address for the Starfleet Academy Class of 2410. [Original]
  3. Raids and Reflections: On its way home, the Pizza picks up a distress signal and things get… familiar. [Original]
  4. Kei System Patrol: The Noble responds to a distress signal from a mine under Orion attack.
  5. Beytan System Patrol: The Sakura tries to assist miners who have gone on strike.
  6. Pellme System Patrol: The Shinonome investigates seismic readings that could mean disaster for the colony on Pellme II.
  7. Bhea System Patrol: The Van Houten uncovers disturbing evidence that the recent increase in Orion piracy is a sign of much worse on the horizon.

2) Border Skirmish [Original]

  1. Pico System Patrol: The Scully assists a damaged mining ship.
  2. Reytan System Patrol: While investigating slow traffic on subspace relays in the Reytan System, the Madison is jumped by Orions.
  3. Una System Patrol: The Kestrel has to defend a colony of Luddites from Klingon raiders, and confirms that their crews are Klingons, not Undine or other fakes.
  4. Omar System Patrol: Morwen leads a strike force against a small fleet of Klingon warships in Federation space.
  5. Tazi System Patrol: Morwen’s strike force picks up a distress signal from a research station in a nearby system.
  6. Gunboat Diplomacy: Morwen decides to seek help from a friend in figuring out what’s going on with these recent raids. [Original]

3) Renegades [Original]

  1. The Bonded: Following up on Worf’s cryptic lead, Morwen goes looking for “Jeremy.” [Original]
  2. Diplomats and Warriors: Morwen and Jeremy go to Qo’noS, the Klingon homeworld, in search of answers. [Original]
  3. Cernan System Patrol: The Phoenix picks up what may be a crashed trading ship in the uninhabited Cernan System.
  4. Dace System Patrol: An archeological research team comes under attack from a Gorn fleet.
  5. Sardah System Patrol: A planet with millions of inhabitants calls for help dealing with Nausicaan raiders.
  6. Mandel System Patrol: The Phoenix and Scully attack the Nausicaan raiders’ base.
  7. Watran System Patrol: The Phoenix searches for survivors in a system attacked by the Gorn.
  8. Zenik System Patrol: Mysterious, gigantic space-faring creatures appear in the skies above a Federation colony.

4) Rising Star [Original]

  1. Hana System Patrol: The Phoenix participates in a joint mission to retake a system from the Klingon renegades.
  2. Xleen System Patrol: The Nausicaan raiders attack research outposts studying a supernova remnant.
  3. Ruben System Patrol: Ships from the 53rd respond to a distress call from colonists under attack by the Gorn.
  4. Europani System Patrol: Morwen goes looking for a missing survey team, and finds something very odd going on.
  5. Enfant Terrible: Morwen and Sorthal’s final battle leads to the discovery that a dangerous new leader has arisen among the renegade Klingons, and Talana undertakes a covert mission to discover their identity. [Original]

5) Inertia I: Unstoppable [Original]

  1. Objects in Motion: Morwen undertakes a critical mission for the Klingon Chancellor: to get proof that the renegade leader isn’t who they appear to be. [Original]
  2. Remain in Motion: With the truth about K’tin revealed, Morwen attends a joint session of Starfleet Command and the Federation Senate Defense Subcommittee. There, the decision will be made about whether to declare war on the Klingon Empire. [Original]
  3. Kern System Patrol: The Phoenix investigates a renegade Klingon listening post in Federation space.
  4. Seedea System Patrol: The Phoenix assists in the evacuation of the Seedea System.
  5. Veyga System Patrol: The Gorn are attacking civilian ships trying to flee the Veyga System.
  6. Vor System Patrol: Acting onmistaken intel, a massive fleet is about to attack the tiny civilian research post in the Vor System.
  7. Temporal Ambassador Redux: Temporal Investigations once again asks Morwen to ask her past self to get some information about the Iconians–but this time, it’s on a mission that never happened!

6) Inertia II: Immovable [Original]

  1. Ceron System Patrol: The Klingon renegades have blockaded a planet and are destroying civilian ships trying to escape.
  2. Gamma Eridon System Patrol: The Phoenix responds to a distress call from Romulans under attack by Gorn loyal to the renegades.
  3. Beta Thoridor System Patrol: The Phoenix helps Romulan forces repel a “small Klingon battle group.”
  4. Japori System Patrol: The Phoenix helps defend the Romulan colony on Japori II from an incursion by Nausicaan privateers hired by the renegades.
  5. Daise System Patrol: The Romanov investigates why Romulan listening posts have been failing.
  6. Eriksson System Patrol: Lelar, the Ferengi captain of the Kaname, leads a group of ship’s from the 531st to destroy a Klingon advance force before they can fortify their new position.
  7. Objects at Rest: The Starfleet Academy Graduating Class of 2410 get a second chance at a graduation cruise on the Pizza, and find themselves trapped in the middle of a Klingon fleet massing to strike at the heart of the Federation! [Original]
  8. Remain at Rest: Morwen leads the Starfleet forces as the final battle with K’tin’s renegades begins. [Original]
  9. Tribble in Paradise: The crews of the Phoenix and Van Houten take some much-needed shore leave on Risa, while Morwen worries that every time she tries to go on vacation, something goes terribly wrong. [Original]

7) Iconian Incursion

  1. Blood of Ancients: The Iconian invasion begins.
  2. Mnemosyne: While conflict with the Heralds rages across the galaxy, Morwen is contacted by Gans: he’s located the people who hired him to transport an ecoterrorist to Risa. [Original]
  3. Delta Flight: Morwen temporarily joins an elite group headed by Tom Paris to investigate what the Iconians are up to in the Calbriden System.
  4. The B’Nar: When the Talarian homeworld is attacked by the Herald, the Federation and Cardassians both send fleets to help in its defense. [Original]
  5. Gateway to Gre’thor: The Herald attack Qo’noS, and the 53rd must cut a path through their fleet so reinforcements can reach the planet.
  6. Brotherhood of the Sword: The defense of Qo’noS continues as Morwen leads an away team to help protect the Klingon First City from Herald attackers.
  7. House Pegh: Morwen accompanies a Klingon covert ops team as they seek to sabotage an Iconian Omega Particle production facility.
  8. The Herald Sphere: With the information learned from the last few missions, the Alliance launches an offensive on the Iconian Gateway network itself.

8) Dark Times

  1. Escort Mission: The 53rd helps protect a slow-moving column of ships carrying refugees from a planet destroyed by the Herald. [Original]
  2. Time in a Bottle: A link to the Krenim leads Morwen back to the Delta Quadrant with Gans and Nog.
  3. Broken Circle: In an attempt to buy time to complete the temporal annihilator, Morwen leads a fleet in an offensive against the Iconians.
  4. Butterfly: The final tests of the temporal annihilator begin.
  5. Tales of the Fleet: Officers and friends of the 53rd tell stories from their lives, and a common theme emerges. [Original]
  6. Adrasteia: In revenge for the events of “Broken Circle,” The Iconians launch simultaneous assaults on the homeworlds of the people who killed M’Tara. [Original]
  7. Killing Time: Section 31 launch their own plan to destroy the Iconians, stranding the Phoenix in an alternate timeline. [Original]
  8. Midnight: While the Alliance prepares one last desperation ploy to save the galaxy, the largest Herald fleet yet attacks Earth. One way or the other, the war ends tonight.

Part IX: Alizar Exploration [Original]
1) Prime Directive [Original]

  1. Heroine’s Welcome: With the war over, Morwen returns to Alizarin, but something seems off. [Original]
  2. Better Late Than Never: An investigation of an asteroid approaching Alizarin traps Morwen between doing what’s right and doing her duty. [Original]
  3. Trying Times: Morwen is court-martialed for her violations of the Prime Directive. [Original]
  4. Press Gang: While making up her mind whether to retire, Morwen is forced to accompany President Okeg on a goodwill tour of Alizarin. [Original]
  5. Guest Rights: Morwen leaves the Phoenix for good, and the Furlani depart Alizarin. [Original]
  6. Putting Down Roots: The 53rd is reorganized and a vast new region is opened for exploration. [Original]
  7. Closing the Circle: The Inverse goes on a covert mission for Temporal Investigations. [Original]

2) Everybody Lives [Original]

  1. Hollow Threats: Something is stalking the Inverse and leaving floating, hollow corpses. [Original, prose narrative format]
  2. Taking It Back: 90 starships. 3 million Borg. The battle to retake Vega has begun. [Original]
  3. The Abyss: An experiment to improve the warp drive takes Morwen to some very strange places indeed. [Original]
  4. Vigilante Justice: Morwen must chase down her former friend and chief engineer Diny to prevent her from carrying out a terror attack that could plunge the galaxy into chaos. [Original]
  5. The Newcomers: To help decide where to place some newly arrived captains and their ships in her fleet, Morwen leads them on an expedition to investigate an ancient mystery with a new twist. [Original]
  6. Old Friends: Piedrecita returns to take the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, leading Morwen to reflect on her own exam and first days at the Academy. [Original]
  7. Interference: Morwen is once again caught between the law and what she believes to be right when the Romulans decide to help the Furlani get home. [Original, co-written with 01d55]
  8. Q’d Up: Strax and Let’lesia’s disciplinary hearing is disrupted when a certain all-powerful trickster shows up with a new face. [Original]
  9. Reunion: The Inverse crew team up with T’Vrell and Zarva to investigate a mystery that may be tied to the Devidians. [Original]

3) The Embers of Empire [Original]

  1. Firecracker: While the 531st continue working on mapping the Ember Nebula, Morwen sits at home on DS16 and tries to make sense of their findings. [Original]
  2. The Ancients: The Shion discovers the shattered remnants of a star system destroyed by the supernovae that created the Ember Nebula. [Original]
  3. Shattered World: The Shion discovers evidence there was once life in the destroyed star system. [Original]
  4. The Vanished: When the Shion disappears, Morwen becomes increasingly desperate to find it. [Original]
  5. Sargasso: The Inverse gets trapped in the same phenomenon that probably destroyed the Shion. [Original]
  6. The Mariners: Still stranded, the Inverse makes contact with a new species. [Original]
  7. The Empathy Zone: The Inverse tries a new tactic to escape: What Would T’Vrell Do? [Original]
  8. Trade Negotiations: While the Inverse and Shion work together to find a way home, they are again contacted by the Cirinac. [Original]

4) In the Wake of Conflict [Original]

  1. Wake Up Call: Now that a safe route in and out is known, Morwen leads an expedition to explore the Wake. [Original]
  2. Tin Soldiers: A psychic distress call draws the Wake expedition to an old friend and a new enemy. [Original]
  3. Tourist Trap: A new species, the Azgoth, invite the Wake expedition to visit them. [Original]
  4. Cavalier: The Toveki, rebels against the Bni, seek aid from Morwen’s group. But what they want help with isn’t as straightforward as it seems… [Original]
  5. Parasites: Morwen’s group is contacted by a separate group of Azgoth who seek diplomatic relations with the Federation. [Original]
  6. Info Dump: The crew of the Inverse investigates an interstellar midden and learn a great deal. [Original]
  7. World Half Empty: Drawn forward by strange text-only messages, the crew of the Inverse searches a seemingly abandoned planet for the Xic. [Original]

5) Wood, Flesh, and Steel [Original]

  1. War Party: The Klingons arrive in the Wake. [Original]
  2. The Glorfil Alliance: Morwen tries to put together an alliance of Wake species, Federation, and Klingons against the Bni. [Original]
  3. Relay Race: The fledgling Alliance faces its first task: seizing a subspace relay from the Bni that will allow the other powers to communicate with the Xic. [Original]
  4. To Dunsinane Hill: A joint Alliance fleet attacks the Bni in the Kupri System, and the Xic give a taste of their power. [Original]
  5. Rebels and Revels: A Toveki holiday quickly goes south when rebels strike against the monarchy. [Original]
  6. Princess: The most powerful Alliance fleet yet assembled returns to retake Altheon from the Bni. [Original]
  7. Scavengers: The Alliance attacks the Kolfur System in an attempt to cut Altheon off from the rest of the Bni’s forces. [Original]
  8. The Princess Trap: The Alliance makes its last stand. [Original]
  9. A Period of Cheating: The Alliance and Bni negotiate an end to the war. [Original]

6) Mysteries of the Deep [Original]

  1. Q-Ball: The Inverse and Shion investigate a strange spatial anomaly, and an unwelcome guest turns up. [Original]
  2. The Tholian Net: After being sucked into a subspace tunnel at the end of “Q-Ball,” the Inverse ends up in the middle of a conflct between the Borg and Tholians, and the first hints toward a new mystery… [Original]
  3. Fishy Business: Morwen tries to find out if the Cirinac know anything about the Tholians. [Original]
  4. In Deep: To determine whether the Cirinac can be trusted, Morwen goes looking for the Whale Probe. [Original]
  5. The First of the Conquered: Morwen’s team investigates the Tkon-era space stations in the Wake. [Original]

7) Lobsphere [Original]

  1. Planetary Survey: The Inverse and Phoenix conduct a planetary survey of the planet Vinwar. [Original]
  2. Leviathan: Morwen, Saga, and Regina Bartholomew-Moriarty go out into Vinwar’s oceans to search for a disappeared shuttle. [Original]
  3. Ziz: A mysterious illness strikes members of the survey team. [Original]
  4. Behemoth: Morwen leads a search team for Ensign Regina Bartholomew-Moriarty and Commander Saga, who vanished while surveying the forest. [Original]
  5. Life Cycle: A curious discovery leads to the solution of more than one mystery. [Original]
  6. Living Death: The verteron source is discovered, and then things get worse. [Original]
  7. Vinculum: The Tholians arrive, with genocidal intent. [Original]

Part X: New Dawn
1) Through the Looking Glass

  1. Lost and Found: An old enemy escapes from prison. Something is brewing in Cardassian space.
  2. Sunrise: A star in Ferengi space suddenly begins behaving very oddly, and the Inverse investigates.
  3. Hearts and Minds: Morwen goes looking for a Section 31 agent that’s suddenly gone silent.
  4. Spoils of War: Morwen tracks the missing Orb of the Prophets into the Badlands.
  5. Jabberwocky: Morwen enters the Mirror Universe on a mission from the Prophets.
  6. The Factory: Morwen’s team infiltrates a ketracil white manufacturing facility used by the Alpha Jem’Hadar.
  7. The New Link: Laas is found.
  8. Mirror Invasion: Forces from the Mirror Universe attack the Romulans.

2) What Alice Found There [Original]

  1. Worse Lands: Cpt Flores takes a redesigned Inverse into the Badlands to rescue Morwen. [Original]
  2. Know Thyself: Morwen awakens in a Terran prison cell. [Original]
  3. Voices of the Prophets: An old team reunites to search for Morwen. [Original]
  4. Shadow of the Past: Morwen teams up with Mirror Leeta in the midst of an Iconian attack on the Terran Empire. [Original]
  5. And What Elisa Found There: Flores’ team sneaks aboard the ISS Fortuna. Shenanigans ensue. [Original]
  6. Doppleganger^2: Morwen and Holo-Leeta try to escape. [Original]
  7. Checkmate: The old team is whole again, but can they escape Mirror Section 31? [Original]
  8. Red King: Morwen wants to add Holo-Leeta to the crew, but Strax and Kolez urge caution. [Original]

3) Oracles and Premonitions

  1. Stormbound: The Tholians use the stolen Tox Uthat to attack the Na’kuhl, which is total word salad if you haven’t watched at least three different Star Trek series aired over 40 years.
  2. Honod System Patrol: The recently-minted Cpt Saga has an adventure on the Oracle.
  3. Khaiell System Patrol: Cpt Norivek of the Helen responds to an urgent request for aid from a Romulan colony.
  4. Badlands Control: The Terran Empire invades the Badlands.