Comments Policy

Comment and discussion are encouraged and extremely welcome. I love a good discussion, whether taking part in it or just being a spectator. My ideal is an intellectually intense discussion that’s still friendly and open to all, and so I’ve creating a comment policy that I hope will give us that.

  1. Love and Tolerate:
    1. No hate speech.
    2. No language that degrades people on the basis of gender or lack thereof, sex, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, religion or lack thereof, sexual orientation or lack thereof, or disability, or any other bigoted speech. The ONLY permitted exception is a case where a quote, work, or character name contains a slur; on-topic references to such are permitted.
    3. No threats, bullying, personal attacks, intimidation, or harassment. You are perfectly capable of expressing disagreement without doing any of those things. I believe in you!
  2. Keep It Legal and Family-Friendly:
    1. No copyright or trademark infringement. Yes, that includes YouTube videos of episodes. Content protected by fair use laws, such as parodies, reviews, etc., is fine.
    2. No porn, gorn, or anything else you wouldn’t want your four-year-old cousin looking at. That includes both images and text.
    3. No libelous or defamatory comments.
    4. No impersonating other people or misrepresenting who you are. (Using a screen name is fine, just don’t pretend to be Bruce Timm or another user or anything.)
    5. No comments that violate the laws of your home or the U.S.A.
    6. No instructions on how to violate any of these rules.
    7. No links to content that violates any of these rules, or that contains instructions or resources for violating these rules.
  3.  Everybody Owns What They Post:
    1. Except where otherwise indicated, all articles and comments are the copyrighted intellectual property of their respective authors.
    2. The author(s) of a comment or article bear all responsibility and liability for the content of that comment or article and only that comment or article. If someone makes a comment that defames you or violates your copyright, sue them, not me.
    3. Jed Blue and/or the site owners, operators, and moderators of (currently these are all the same person) have an unlimited, worldwide, and royalty-free right to reproduce any comment made on this blog, in whole or in part, in any medium. That means that if I put Google Ads on a page that includes your comments, you don’t get a cut of the money. It also means if I quote your comment in an article and sell copies of the article, or publish a selection of posts as a book and include the comment threads, you don’t get a cut of the money. I have no plans to do any of this, but it could happen.
  4. No Spam:
    1. No comments advertising commercial products or services. Linking to such a thing when it’s relevant to discussion is okay; use common sense.
    2. No content-free comments such as “First” or “Me too.”
    3. No malicious links (malware, viruses, Rickrolls).
  5. Rule One, Lesson Zero, and General Bad Behavior:  
    1. Lesson Zero: Other people are people and have feelings which are as valid to them as yours are to you. Even people you meet on the Internet.
    2. Rule One: Don’t be an asshat. Also, the Doctor lies.
    3. Don’t make comments arguing about or criticizing a moderation decision. If you disagree with the way I (or anyone I name as a moderator in future) am moderating comments, e-mail me (froborr, shift-2, gmail.–can you crack the code?)
  6. The moderators, owners, and operators of reserve the right to take action as they deem fit to maintain a safe, free, and friendly comment environment, including but not limited to:
    1. Deleting comments.
    2. Locking particular articles or the entire site, temporarily or permanently, to prevent commenting.
    3. Banning or blocking particular commenters.
    4. Editing comments to remove offensive or illegal content, with a clear indication of what was removed/changed.
    5. Requiring anonymous (or all) commenters to prove that they are not spambots before posting comments.
    6. Banning anonymous commenting from some or all articles.
    7. Reporting illegal activity to the applicable authorities.
    8. Updating or modifying the comments policy.
    9. Replacing the default WordPress comment system with another that gives more moderation options.
  7. By commenting, you indicate that you accept this policy and agree to abide by it.