I have been watching the Netflix

For a variety of reasons, I happened to get Netflix at precisely the moment I had to eliminate my entire entertainment budget (only reason I was able to go to the Protomen was because I paid for the tickets weeks ago), so it’s been getting a pretty hefty workout. I watched all of Breaking Bad, as I mentioned, and then moved on to Weeds because I have had a schoolboy crush on Mary Louise Parker for decades, and also Arrested Development because everybody’s been bugging me about it for years.

Conclusions thus far: Breaking Bad is some of the best television ever made Weeds is not bad but I think I’d have liked it more if I’d watched it before Breaking Bad, which is both more dramatically compelling and more laugh-out-loud funny. But even nearing fifty, Mary Louise Parker’s smile can still light up a room, so I continue. And I liked Arrested Development better when they were poor and it was called Titus.