MLP News, Plus a Poll

So, apparently there’s now an official broad date for MLP Season 5: Spring 2015. That means there is almost definitely time to liveblog an entire 26-episode season of something after Kill la Kill and before MLP resumes. The question therefore becomes, what shall we watch?

Some ground rules: maximum of 30×30 (that is, no more than 30 episodes and no more than 30 minutes per episode.) I’d also prefer to watch something animated over something live action, though that’s not completely set in stone. I also prefer something I’ve not seen or not seen all of, though again, not set in stone.

Some options suggested in chat the other day:

  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Psycho-Pass Season 1
  • Escaflowne

Feel free to comment with your vote, or to add something else into the running!