Good feminist-ally role models

So, Amanda Marcotte has a piece up where she takes Ross Douthat* to task for his claim that male film characters predating second-wave feminism were less prone to misogyny than modern male characters. She does a pretty good job of giving examples of appalling misogyny in characters played by famous leading men like John Wayne, Carey Grant, and Jimmy Stewart.

What I’m now wondering about is the opposite: What are some modern (let’s define this as 2000 and later, to put us firmly in the third wave) examples of male characters who are actually worth emulating, particularly from a feminist perspective? Not necessarily perfect, obviously, but basically decent men who aren’t sexists. I can think of a couple–Steve Rogers in the MCU, Big Macintosh in Friendship Is Magic–and I’m sure there must be more, but I’m blanking on them. Any suggestions?

*Fun fact: You may occasionally see me describe particularly vile people as “douchehats.” His name inspired me to coin the term. I have never pretended that I am not occasionally childish.