Did I predict tomorrow’s MLP? We’ll see…

Just a quick reminder, there’s another liveblog for the new MLP episode this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. EST. We’ll be meeting up at http://webchat.freenode.net/┬áin the channel ##rabbitcube.

Some time ago I wrote about an episode and friendship lesson I’d like to see the show tackle. And here’s the synopsis of tomorrow’s episode. Pretty similar. I hope it ends up being the friendship lesson I talked about, just because I think “friends don’t need to get along all the time to be friends” is high on the list of things kids need to hear.

Predictions: Korra and Fire Emblem

Just want to call a couple of predictions, so there’s a record of it.

First, Legend of Korra: Tarloq’s ability to control spirits isn’t limited to calming them; he’s causing the spirit attacks in order to create the panic he needs to seize power. Unlike Amon, however, he genuinely believes in his cause–he really does think the people of the world need his spiritual guidance or they will come to ruin. This is why he thinks he can become a world conqueror despite the relatively small population of the Water Tribe–he is using Korra to give him access to a spirit army. The creation of what amounts to a teleport link between the Northern and Southern tribes also gives him a huge military advantage.

Second, Fire Emblem: Awakening: I know some of you have doubtless already beaten it, so DO NOT TELL ME IF I’M RIGHT, but I’m pretty sure Marth’s a time traveler from the future, and the reason other people keep telling me how important it is to build relationships between my characters is because eventually I’m going to either team up with, or have to play as, my current party’s children.