No Kill la Kill Liveblog Today…

Sorry, but I’m at Intervention, enjoying a con where for once I have no responsibilities and, if past years are anything to go by, regenerating my creative energies for the remainder of the year.

In the meantime, have some videos! Today’s theme: videos that celebrate the oft-forgotten minor enemies in video games.

First off, this great song parody by the inimitable Smooth McGroove and Dookieshed, “Pokemon: Try to Catch a Few!”

Second, this brilliant original song by Matthew Taranto of Brawl in the Family, “Ode to Minions.”

Speaking of Matthew Taranto, he has an *incredible* ability to make songs/videos that give me actual feelings about personality-less classic video game pixel-collections. For example, “If It Takes a Lifetime,” which examines what the video game concept of “extra lives” would really mean, passing through horror to something actually kind of sweet:

But the one that makes me actually, I kid you not, cry for a sprite with virtually no characterization is “Prodigal Robot.” I tear up at 2:11, and just lose it at 2:29 every goddamn time, because I am apparently a sentimental loser:

As usual, I apologize for nothing

Lust: Prepare for trouble!
Envy: And make it double!
Lust: To transmute the people of this nation!
Envy: And make blood seals of devastation!
Lust: To denounce the evils of Truth and love!
Envy: And rule all things–as below, above!
Lust: Lust!
Envy: Envy!
Lust: Team Homunculi, crushing humans with our might!
Envy: Surrender now by red soul-light!
Gluttony: Can I eat them now?

Am I the only one who just doesn’t care about Pokemon X/Y?

Pretty much everyone I know is massively enthused with the new Pokemon games, and I just can’t bring myself to care. I played at least one game of every generation from Blue to Black, as well as the Silver remake, and I’m just exhausted. I can’t bring myself to go to another gym and earn yet another badge, or catch yet another identical Pidgey clone.

At this point, pretty much the only thing that could get me interested again is an MMO. In theory a Pokemon game that had an original plot might do it, but frankly I’ve lost all confidence in the ability of JRPG makers to come up with plots.

Pokemon Origins!

Watched the first episode of Pokemon Origins. The target audience is clearly older Pokemon fans, not the kids watching the anime. The animation quality is excellent, the character designs are much closer to the games, and the fights are just one notch more vicious–no blood (at least in the first episode), but there is biting and screaming that’s a bit uncomfortable to watch. Basically it’s got a good level of intensity of the sort that’s usually lacking in the TV series.