I was on a podcast: Lucifer with Uncle Yo comes to an end

Well, it’s been 11 fun episodes, and I’m sure I’ll be on the show again at some point, but for now, my run as a guest on Uncle Yo’s We Are the Geek podcast is over with our discussion of Volume 11 of Vertigo’s Lucifer. Here’s all the episodes, with Yo’s descriptions from his site:

  • Volume 1: Yo and Jed A. Blue are knocking on the wrong door by reviewing, paraphrasing, and summoning volume 1 of Vertigo Comics’ great series, Lucifer. You know what they say about idle hands…
  • Volume 2: Summer gives way to spring(?) as Uncle Yo retrieves Jed A. Blue from his crystal dagger prison on the fields of Glys to discuss Vertigo’s fantasy epic, Lucifer, written by Mike Carey. Prepare for purgatory as we embrace The Fall. Korra is done, Peter Capaldi is the Doctor, and we are all Fire and Brimstone.
  • Volume 3: Our journey into Lucifer continues as Yo and Jed watch the Devil face off against Izanami, demons, and an 11-year old British Grammar School Student in Lucifer Vol 3: “A Dalliance With The Damned.”
  • Volume 4: Pride cometh before the fall, and it’s time for Lucifer to be pegged down a notch. Jed Blue and Yo descend beyond Death herself to discuss the most action-packed volume of this graphic novel series. (Content warning: Sexual assault, forced pregnancy.)
  • Volume 5: A fight to the death, a debt to pay, and Heaven vs. Hell as Lucifer returns his old hometown of Hell to face Archangel Amenadiel of the Host.  With Jed A. Blue.
  • Volume 6: Lucifer assembles a crew to pilot the Naglfar in an attempt to bring Elaine Belloc’s soul back from its resting place. Yo and Jed A. Blue look into the mirrors of other worlds and discover that, yes, there is something staring back at you.
  • Volume 7: The Throne of Creation is empty now that God has left his Creation to crumble. Who is able (or willing) to usurp? Lucy and Maz have their hands full in this gory, comical and oddly touching volume.  With co-host Jed A. Blue.
  • Volume 8: With Yahweh gone, there is blood in the air, and that can only mean the Wolf is not far behind. Fenrir, the demi-god of destruction, seeks out the tree Yggdrasil. It’s suddenly up to Lucifer, Michael, and Elaine to intervene and stop this linchpin. If they can…
  • Volume 9: While Yo reminisces on the passing of New York Comic Con from the fans to Hollywood, Jed A. Blue and he dwell on despots, leaders, change, death, rebirth, birth, and the outcome of Fenris’ plots.
  • Volume 10: We’ve reached the final battle between Creation and Destruction as Fenris takes on Lucifer, Noema takes on Free Will, and Lilith takes backstage with Elaine to make the case to Yahweh himself.
  • And, finally, today’s episode, Volume 11: Yo and Jed have arrived at the new Creation. How will the Devil wrap up his business with Creation, how will Elaine play God, and how DOES Lucifer…y’know…with the ladies? The final stretch is here as we sing the Evensong.

Still on a Podcast: Lucifer vol. 5 with Uncle Yo

Yes, I am once again a guest on Uncle Yo’s “We Are the Geek” to discuss Mike Carey’s Lucifer. Specifically volume 5, which I enjoyed as we once again get to see the politics of Hell.

Also, yes, I’m aware I haven’t updated Saturday’s liveblog post, it’s for much the same reason Sunday’s post was so late. I’ll take care of it tonight.

I’m on a podcast: Lucifer vol. 1 with Uncle Yo

I’m a guest this week, and for the next several weeks, on geek comedian Uncle Yo’s podcast, We Are the Geek. We’ll be discussing Mike Carey’s comic Lucifer one volume at a time–he’s read them all before, I’ve only read as far as the volume we discuss. Our conversation about volume 1 is here!