Moving ahead with re:Play…

So, my Patreon is currently at $53. Assuming that holds for another three days, that’ll officially mean I’m making a pilot episode for re:Play. I have downloaded an emulator and ROM (I actually own the game in question, but don’t have the equipment to record off a console so emulation is a necessity for now), and the plan is to start playing the game tonight. Although it’s much more than I can fit in one episode (or, for that matter, one play session), I’m planning to record the entire game, then script the first episode. That way if I need to reference something that happens later in the game, I’ll have footage. Then comes recording, then editing; this represents quite a bit more work than a vlog, which is why $70 only gets a monthly series.
But yeah, I’m looking forward to this! Lots of ideas of things to talk about–I think I can make a fairly solid first episode.
In other stuff-I’m-working-on news, My Little Po-Mo 3 is still in editing, so I’m taking a break from thinking about it. I’m probably going to start working on my next BESM campaign this weekend, since I’m supposed to run it at Connecticon in July. Looking forward to it! And of course once I’m done it’ll be added to the list of $10-tier rewards at the Patreon. Near-Apocalypse is rolling right along, with the Patreon having already passed the halfway point of what will eventually be Volume 1.
How about you folks? Got any projects you’re working on? How are they going?

And now we have a name!

Thanks to Kit Paige, who suggested the perfect name on Facebook (though I altered the punctuation a bit), the analytical Let’s Play series now has a name: re:Play.
It is the $70/month Milestone goal–so, once the Patreon hits $70/month, I will release one episode of re:Play on YouTube per month. However, I’m also staggering out the first episodes for each $5 mark between here and there. So, for example, if we hit $45/month I will release the first episode only. Once we hit $50, I’ll release the second. And so on until we hit $70/month, at which point it becomes a monthly series.

Video Vednesday: Vlog: The Legend of Korra S4E02 “Korra Alone”

Patreon backers at $5 or higher get to see these videos weeks in advance, plus like everyone at $2 or higher they get to read The Near-Apocalypse of ’09 entries months in advance!

Vlog review of The Legend of Korra, Season 4, Episode 2, “Korra Alone.” I talk about structural similarities and references to AtLA episodes “Zuko Alone,” “The Storm,” and “Appa’s Lost Days,” how those help set the stage for the return of Toph, and my hopes for a sequence where Zuko, Katara, and Toph fight an entire army to liberate Ba Sing Se.

Near-Apocalypse Plans and Patreon

Assorted bits of news:

  • Barring delays due to my upcoming surgery, My Little Po-Mo blog entries will end with “Twilight’s Kingdom” on January 4, 2015. I will then take a three-week hiatus (anyone who would like to submit a guest post for that period, please do so).
  • If there ARE delays due to surgery, etc., I will shorten the hiatus.
  • The Near-Apocalypse of ’09 will begin on Sunday, February 1, 2015 with “Cold Open (Introduction),” which introduces the project and analyzes the famous opening sequence of Batman the Animated Series.
  • Once the Kill la Kill watch ends, Sailor Moon Crystal chatlogs will move to Saturdays, and we will pick another series to watch on weeks SMC doesn’t air. When MLP returns, we will watch that as well as SMC and whatever else we end up watching (I’ll throw it open to a vote here on the site).
  • This is to free up Wednesdays, which are going to be devoted to weekly videos as soon as SMC moves and the B5 posts end. These videos will include vlog-style reviews of animated shows and movies, recordings of panels I’ve presented at various cons, and more.
  • The big one: I have just launched a Patreon to support Near-Apocalypse. Backer rewards include early access to articles and videos (“Cold Open (Introduction)” and a vlog review of The Legend of Korra season 4, episode 1 are available immediately, with more added every week), e-books, PDFs containing everything needed to run one of my notorious AUSA BESM campaigns, and more!

ETA: Added link to the Patreon, which I forgot to put in initially. Oops.

    I continue to be on a podcast: Lucifer vol. 2 w/ Uncle Yo

    Yep, I’m once again on Uncle Yo’s We Are the Geek, discussing Mike Carey’s Lucifer, volume 2 this time.

    In other news, I’m considering trying out a Patreon instead of Kickstarter going forward. The main issue is figuring out rewards. The obvious one, I think, is an e-book subscription–some small donation per month that gets you every e-book I release during your subscription period, which would be 2-3 a year. Some higher number to get print books, I guess?

    Other than that, I dunno, I have some ideas on subscriber exclusives I could offer:

    • Early access to posts. Normally I write posts anywhere from a week in advance to mere minutes before it’s due, sometimes after, but for Near Apocalypse the realities of a true psychochronography mean that I’m going to have to be at least a couple of weeks ahead, and I’m going to try for months.
    • Commentaries? I dunno if there’d be any interest in this, but I could record commentary tracks for shows the Patreon backers vote on, or something?
    • Extra essays. This wouldn’t be a reward for individual backers, but rather something I’d do for the backers collectively reaching particular monthly goals, namely that Near Apocalypse would go twice-weekly, or I’d add other features.

    Any thoughts? Concerns? Ideas? Backer exclusives people would like to see?