No, me! Stay good! Don’t do it!

So there’s a fanfic I have in my brain that I have sworn never to write because (a) it’s a fanfic, and therefore unsalable, and also (b) it’s really freaking big and I have a terrible track record with such things.

Specifically, it’s an MLP AU fanfic, and as we all know, AUs are barely one step above crossovers.

But Thursday night, the bug got me, and I did the worst possible thing I could do, the one thing that makes a world sufficiently real to me that I can start writing it…

…I made a map. Label colors indicate fealty to different rulers. The green areas are temperate climate, the gray tundra/glacier, mustardy-brown desert (And yes, I know, the desert should reach right up to the mountains and the rain patterns implied by the river and desert placement make no sense. It’s still better than the official map in that respect.) You will probably have to click the image to open it bigger, and then rightclick to View Image to make most of the labels legible, I was deliberately working very zoomed in to make room for future details.

Doom, in PNG format.

And now for something completely different…

No, not Monty Python. Man, that phrase is never going to be useable again, is it?

Anyway, I needed to take a break from Felda. I have to once again go back and rework, or more accurately, insert some things. I need to flesh out her family and the community she knows, to better establish the status quo before I break it.

But I also just wrote a new chapter of my MLP (well, Lunaverse, actually) fanfic, so here’s a link to that instead.