Welcome to the second year of JedABlue.com!

Yes, that’s right: yesterday was the 1-year anniversary of JedABlue.com! This first year was pretty good: Near-Apocalypse of ’09 is off to a rollicking start. My Patreon grew from a few buck a month to $70+ and counting. I started vlogging, and that’s been going really well. And I’ve got a small but excellent group of regular commenters, including the weekend liveblog gang–and I’ve had a blast doing those! (Well, except when I didn’t, but, y’know.)
I’ve got a lot planned for this coming year, too. My Little Po-Mo vol. 3 launches next week; the last of the commissioned essays associated with its Kickstarter should be ready some time next week as well, and I’ll be working to get the fourth and final volume out later in the year. Hopefully sometime this year I’ll finally get to vlog seasons two of Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. re:play Season 1 (Final Fantasy VI) should wrap up later this year or early the next; I already know what I’m doing for Season 2. There’s a new Star Trek movie I’ll probably hate, new MCU stuff that may (Luke Cage, hopefully) or may not (the movies, probably) be good, I’ll be writing about that. And of course I have no intention of ending the adventures of E.N. Morwen anytime soon!
So, basically, thanks everyone for a great year, and I look forward to a great year to come!

General Site News Type Stuff

So, I have an update on the book, which is that my cover designer is starting to feel better and has resumed work. She sent me a draft over the weekend, I’ve sent it back with comments, so hopefully that’ll be finalized soon, and the book shortly after.
I made noises about doing some sort of anime essay collection-type thing this year, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen with all the other plates I’m spinning. Maybe next year.
My Patreon backers voted on what I should watch next for vlog purposes, and the result was a tie between Over the Garden Wall and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. I will therefore be watching Garden, then Star, then Gravity Falls S2. Steven Universe S2 may get inserted in there somewhere if it finishes airing soon enough, but I am skeptical that’s going to happen.
Speaking of the Patreon, it’s dipped a bit. Currently it is $5 short of the $70 needed for re:play to continue, which means this month’s episode (which should be up by the 25th) will be the last until we get back past that milestone. Hoping that happens this month so there’s no gap, but not something I control.
Finally, because it amuses me, an exceedingly unofficial list of titles for the stories of the most recent Doctor Who series (since it was mostly two-parters with related names). In order:

  • The Alchemist’s Companion
  • Next to the Water
  • The Female Human Who Existed
  • The Zygon Invocation
  • Nevermore (no, it’s not really a two-parter and utterly absurd to try to make it one, but let’s face it, the titles are related like it’s one)
  • Afterlife Adjacent

Two Pieces of News

Ran Out of Ink, You Bastards, my real-time NGE viewing project, is dead. I missed the timing for some episodes, and there’s no point to it if it’s not in real-time. I may still right about NGE at some point, but if I did it would be in some other context, and not in the immediate future.
Also dead: Sunday open threads. There was only ever a limited response and little to no actual conversation, I was repeatedly late getting them up, and coming up with prompts was way harder than I expected it to be, to the point that I repeated a prompt within only four threads! So I’ll be going back to six-days-a-week posting.

Heads up for this month

So, pretty big news from my Patreon: we hit the goal for re:play episode 2! It is therefore happening this month.
My Little Po-Mo vol. 3 is also happening this month, assuming my editor gets it back to me in time. (Not his fault if he doesn’t, I took forever finishing round 2 of updates.)
Those two very time-consuming things are happening in addition to all the regular stuff I normally do in a month.
So basically I’m saying, I might miss some Tuesday and Friday posts, or cheat and use them for site news purposes, as I did with this one. Sorry!

Upcoming Changes

Intervention was, as always, inspiring and educational. Among the things I learned there was that my blogging schedule is completely wrong. Most importantly, posting Near-Apocalypse articles at midnight Sunday made sense when I was writing My Little Po-Mo without a buffer, since that was the most convenient time to finish one. But now I have a sizeable buffer courtesy of the Patreon, so I should be posting when people are reading.
There will therefore be a new schedule starting this weekend:

  • Monday: Near-Apocalypse of ’09
  • Tuesday: Whatever
  • Wednesday: Video Vednesdays
  • Thursday: Captain’s Log Weekly Digest
  • Friday: Whatever
  • Saturday: Liveblog
  • Sunday: Open thread/community post

All posts will go up at noon EST.
And yes, this means I’m going back up to seven days a week posting. The Sunday posts will be open threads where people can talk about whatever they want, link things they find interesting or projects of their own, etc. The plan is that most weekends I’ll suggest a prompt or ask a question, but the thread is open to comment with whatever you want (within the comments policy, of course, though I’ll probably be a bit laxer about enforcing 4.1 and 4.2).
This does not mean, by the way, that I’ve given up on fiction, anymore than ending Fiction Fridays as a regular feature did. Friday is a Whatever slot–I can make it a Fiction Friday whenever I want. I just can’t sustain a regular fiction-writing feature, not with everything else I have to do.

Moving ahead with re:Play…

So, my Patreon is currently at $53. Assuming that holds for another three days, that’ll officially mean I’m making a pilot episode for re:Play. I have downloaded an emulator and ROM (I actually own the game in question, but don’t have the equipment to record off a console so emulation is a necessity for now), and the plan is to start playing the game tonight. Although it’s much more than I can fit in one episode (or, for that matter, one play session), I’m planning to record the entire game, then script the first episode. That way if I need to reference something that happens later in the game, I’ll have footage. Then comes recording, then editing; this represents quite a bit more work than a vlog, which is why $70 only gets a monthly series.
But yeah, I’m looking forward to this! Lots of ideas of things to talk about–I think I can make a fairly solid first episode.
In other stuff-I’m-working-on news, My Little Po-Mo 3 is still in editing, so I’m taking a break from thinking about it. I’m probably going to start working on my next BESM campaign this weekend, since I’m supposed to run it at Connecticon in July. Looking forward to it! And of course once I’m done it’ll be added to the list of $10-tier rewards at the Patreon. Near-Apocalypse is rolling right along, with the Patreon having already passed the halfway point of what will eventually be Volume 1.
How about you folks? Got any projects you’re working on? How are they going?

Considering Ending Fiction Friday

I’m strongly considering ending Fiction Friday. It’s a lot of work–only the Sunday posts take more time–for effectively no result: they consistently get no comments, single-digit traffic on the post itself, and Fridays are consistently low-traffic days. From this I draw that conclusion that most of you just aren’t interested–which is fine! Like I said, they’re work. I’m happy to do it if people are enjoying it, but I’d also be quite happy to focus those energies on other things if people aren’t.