Video Vednesday: Legend of Korra S4E5 “Enemy at the Gates”

In which I make predictions that are confirmed by the TITLE of the next episode, plus predictions that are proven wrong by the next episode. Also some of why Kuvira is scary, and general ramblings about fascism, imperialism, and bad CG.

As usual, Tumblr folks will need to click through to my main blog to see the video for some absurd reason.

Video Vednesday: Legend of Korra S4E4 “The Calling” Vlog

I typed “The Callening” like four times, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Ikki gets an episode, apparently. Was there demand for an Ikkisode? I don’t know, I have very little sense of what’s going on in any given fandom, even one’s I’m theoretically a part of.


Video Vednesday: Vlog for The Legend of Korra S4E3 “The Coronation”

And the Korra vlogs continue with episode 3! This is kind of rambly, but I’m mostly rambling about Toph, so it’s okay.

(Note for people viewing this through Tumblr: the service I use to repost all my blog posts to Tumblr fubars the video. If you want to watch it, just click the link and go to my main blog.)

Video Vednesday: Vlog: The Legend of Korra S4E02 “Korra Alone”

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Vlog review of The Legend of Korra, Season 4, Episode 2, “Korra Alone.” I talk about structural similarities and references to AtLA episodes “Zuko Alone,” “The Storm,” and “Appa’s Lost Days,” how those help set the stage for the return of Toph, and my hopes for a sequence where Zuko, Katara, and Toph fight an entire army to liberate Ba Sing Se.

Video Vednesday: Legend of Korra S4E1 “After All These Years”

The next pony article is done, but since I had this ready to launch, I’ve decided to hold it until Thursday.

Welcome to a new weekly feature, Video Vednesdays, when I post one of the videos I’m making for my Patreon! For the first dozen-and-a-bit of these videos, that’ll be vlog reviews of the final Korra Season!

So, here’s my vlog review of The Legend of Korra, Season 4, Episode 1, “After All These Years.” I talk about my hopes and concerns for the season, my intense dislike of Mako, and approval of the decision to withhold a certain character until the end of the episode.

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