A stray thought regarding Terry Pratchett and Ferguson, MO

I forgot to queue up Wednesday’s regular Sailor Moon post, and unfortunately the chatlog is on a computer I won’t have access to until tonight. So have Thursday’s post today, and Wednesday’s post will go up tomorrow.

The other night, I was rereading Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch, and I wondered: would Ferguson be as bad as it is if all cops were required to read the Watch books?

And the answer is, of course, yes, because the human ability to compartmentalize and justify via special pleading is infinite, but still, I can’t help but think that things might be slightly better if the prevailing cultural image of cop-as-hero was more Vimes and less Dirty Harry.

On the latest Discworld…

So I read Raising Steam recently, and… I really, really want to be wrong about this, but I can’t shake the concern that it really does seem to be about how Western, especially English,¬†culture is naturally superior and the world’s Muslim population can be neatly divided into those who assimilate into Western culture¬†and are therefore good, and cave-dwelling fanatical terrorists who want to blow up all our towers and trains.

It doesn’t help that for most of the book there are no antagonists, no significant challenges, and no setbacks for the main characters; they just effortlessly rise and rise because nothing can stand in the way of the awesomeness of trains. Which, if you don’t find trains particularly awesome, is a bit of a bore.