Pony Thought of the Day: Double Rainboom

I saw the first half of Double Rainboom at Cloudsdale Congress. It is seriously going to blow everyone away when it comes out. The only hint that it’s fan-made is the sheer amount of fanservicey awesomeness. Everything else–the acting, the music, the animation–is professional caliber and nigh-indistinguishable from the show.

March 30 is marked on my calendar!

(Okay, it was already marked for the Doctor Who premiere and AKB0048 finale. But now it’s got a third mark!)

Pony Thought of the Day: Cloudsdale Congress, Summarized

Cloudsdale Congress was, even though it was only in its first year, better organized than any Katsucon I’ve been to and most of the Otakons.

And then Closing Ceremonies degenerated into an impromptu dance party and singalong.

If there’s one next year, I’m there. Period.

Pony Thought of the Day: Cloudsdale Congress!

I will be at Cloudsdale Congress in Alexandria, VA March 9-10.

I will be on four panels:

My Little Panel: A general analysis panel on MLP:FIM, including series-spanning themes, character archetypes, and a debate (topic to be determined, but probably Twilicorn Sparkopalypse-related).

Brony vs. Brony: MLP trivia gameshow. Six contestants, and any questions they can’t answer go to the audience. Prizes and candy! I will be serving as laptop monkey/Vanna White-equivalent… you know, if Vanna White were a short, fat guy with a beard.

A Petite Panel about Ponies and Postmodernism: Basically this blog in panel form, but on a broad, series-wide level instead of going deep into individual episosdes.

A Brief History of Saturday Morning: A serious, historical study of the development of North American short-form animation, from the last days of theatrical shorts in the 1960s to the merchandise-driven wasteland of the 80s, through the golden age of the 90s, and culminating in the emergence of MLP:FIM. Totally not at all an excuse to spend an hour showing clips of our favorite cartoons, why would you think that?