Announcing Jenny’s Inn

Social distancing already sucks and it’s barely started.

That’s why I set up Jenny’s Inn, a private Discord server specifically to counteract the mental effects of social distancing. It’s a safe, friendly place where people of good will can gather to socialize, and have whatever level of conversation they desire; text, audio, or full video.

I am specifically setting aside a space for people to organize workalongs—video chats where you just quietly work without talking, if you want to feel like people are around but don’t want to interact or be distracted.

I’m also setting up a “convention” space specifically for geeky conversations. Creative friends who are losing income due to con cancelations are particularly welcome to share links to your work/crowdfunding/tip jar/etc, and even stream home versions of your con panels.

Other topic-specific spaces include channels for the queer, kinky, and poly communities, though those will each be available only to users who affirm they are a member of the community in question and agree to additional rules, including total confidentiality.

I’ll also be holding occasional video chats to put to use my training in anxiety management and crisis counseling, should anyone need that.

We can get through this together! Please contact me and I’ll send you an invite link.

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