Vlog Review: Ducktales S1E17-18

Hey all! I’m running a Kickstarter for My Little Po-Mo vol. 4, collecting all the as-yet-unbookified My Little Po-Mo entries, plus book exclusives! I’m doing a special time-exclusive challenge–if it goes over $525 between now and the end of Sunday, I’ll post a special bonus excerpt from a book-exclusive chapter!

Also apparently I somehow managed to get a small pileup of unposted bonus episodes? I don’t *think* I missed posting any, but here we are. Anyway, that’s why so many posts this week. I’ll try to be better about posting bonus episodes when they belong in the future.

Reminder that Patreon backers can see these videos up to 6 weeks early AND Near-Apocalypse articles three MONTHS early, commission videos and essays, and more!

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