Vlog Review: Coco

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Commissioned vlog for Nick Barovic.
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One thought on “Vlog Review: Coco

  1. I need to watch Coco all the way through! I went with my four-year-old, who hates conflict. From the moment the family was mad with Miguel, he hid his face in my shoulder. When the Grandmother broke the guitar, he was out the movie theater into the hallway where he wouldn’t have to see that. Totally fine with skeletons. But yelling? Nope.
    As for some of the points you mentioned, I too cry like a baby at Up. As I’ve known my husband since we were kids, those first 10 minutes are devastating. In terms of why we don’t have a lot of Day of the Dead celebrations around D.C., it’s because most people who are Hispanic here are of El Salvadorian and Guatamalian descent. When people were fleeing El Salvador back in the 70s and 80s, a number of churches around here gave them sanctuary when the federal government refused to give them refugee status.

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