2 thoughts on “re:play Final Fantasy VI Episode 22: Dreams in the Abyss

  1. “Dreams in the Abyss” is the subtitle of the previous video. The video linked in this post is subtitled “Power vs. Power”

  2. 7:05 Well, you did cast Ultima.
    10:15: Parts of FFXIV lean heavily on the idea of living beings engineered to be weapons – ancient Allag called it “chimerical engineering” when applied to animals and “aetherochemical enhancement” when applied to people – although some chimerae turned out to be people. To a greater or lesser extent it’s implied that after that empire fell, its feral weapons dominated the ecosystem and their artificial origins were largely forgotten. If Espers were weapons, it is likely that they were synthetic or enhanced soldiers.
    29:50: Terra’s concerns regarding herself may have as much to do with the lasting effects of the Slave Crown as it does with her heritage.
    1:02:55: Oh hey, that sprite looks like a recent mid-dungeon boss in FFXIV. It looks like he was becoming immune to one or all but one element every time he took damage, but that’s irrelevant when you’re just slamming him with Ultima. The FFXIV dungeon boss has an interpretation of a shifting only weakness adjusted for the fact that players in an MMO don’t have their pick of elements in their baseline attacks: he creates fields that attune you to their element, so every so often you have to stand in the correct elemental field or your attacks will whiff.

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