2 thoughts on “re:play Final Fantasy VI Episode 21: Dreams in the Abyss

  1. The creature the woman is riding to make up the Critic enemy is probably a Baku: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baku_(spirit) Interestingly, Baku were supposed to eat nightmares and protect people. I think it’s significant that they mostly appear in the first layer of Cyan’s dream/soul, where things are still completely abstract. They also appear mostly alongside the Pan Doras, which appear as treasure chests that almost exclusively cast status spells – another interpretation, I think, alongside your read on them as metaphors for Cyan’s troubled relationship with his sexuality, are than the Critic and the Pan Doras are trying to “protect” Cyan by warning you/him against probing too deeply into his painful memories.
    Also, apropos of nothing, Rurouni Kenshin (spoiler warning!) has a similar story arc to Cyan’s in this episode. In order to learn his school’s ultimate sword technique, Kenshin has to accept that, even after all the terrible things he did and that were done to him in the war, he still has the capacity to love and value himself and to desire to keep living. FFVI and the first volume of Rurouni Kenshin were both released in April 1994, a bit of synchronicity that reminds me of your comments on how all 90s anime villains had the same motivation. I guess it follows that a lot of 90s anime/video game protagonists would have had similar reactions to those villains!

  2. At around 12:00 there’s a lot of hemming and hawing about how sure we can be that a dude who had a porn magazine hidden in his mountaintop campsite has ever looked at ‘another woman’.
    15:40 – the Magus Sisters named their strategy (one sister cast reflect on another, and then the last sister cast offensive magic on the reflect) “delta attack,” but did not have a spell or ability by that name. I note that the Dream Stooges also do reflect bouncing.
    17:50 Resurrecting each other is also a thing the Magus Sisters did. You’re lucky that he wasn’t reviving both of them with one cast.
    21:20 The Samurai may also be a memory of his deceased peers. In which case the “Rain Man” could be a memory of Imperial troops he may have encountered during the siege.
    36:40 Wrexsoul’s out-of-combat sprite is the generic imperial honcho outfit from the feast. It’s also a reasonable approximation of his battle look. Did we ever see Gestahl in a battle? The Soul Savers might have his face, if not.

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