2 thoughts on “re:play Final Fantasy VI Episode 17: The Airship Graveyard

  1. The out of combat healing tactic you describe is something I do in Bravely Default and Bravely Second, through the job system – it’s a straightforward mp optimization.
    The zombie thing is a net negative – zombies may be immune to damage but that’s because their HP is locked to “just got a phoenix down” after you cure them. It’s a substantial drain on your mp.
    The only two “airships” are not the only two means of flight, at least not in the world of balance – the Empire had a whole squadron of combat helicopters.
    “I’ll win the Falcon from you when I beat you in a race” sounds like friendly rivals, building and racing ships on a competitive basis.
    When we meet him Setzer is invested in the aesthetic of the risk-taking. He names his ship after a card game, calls himself A Gambler, engages in showy stunt-banditry. Yet it is clear he’s quite cautious compared to his departed peer.
    When you started in on the problems Reproductive Futurism, I thought of how it has been racialized – one of the white supremacist ‘code numbers’ refers to a phrase that expressly mentions “white children” (by counting the number of words in that phrase).

  2. Great episode!
    I’ve been trying to grasp the notion proposed by Phil Sandifer (in Neoreaction a Basilisk and, more recently, Build High for Happiness) that in response to the alt-right co-opting the Weird, the left should become a hauntological force – it seems fairly straightforward, but at the same time I keep thinking that there’s just something I’m missing (e.g. what does it provides us in terms of tactics and how it can be used in artistic expression – although I suppose devising new tactics and modes of expression is the point of the exercise). Thanks to your analysis, I can now look through these lens at a text I know fairly well; hopefully it will give me some ideas.

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