One thought on “Doctor Strange Vlog with Viga and Linkara

  1. Awesome, this was a fun vlog, and the movie was fun too.
    The Doctor Strange comics have always been subtly targeted at that portion of their readership who regularly drops psychadelics and wants some trippy mind-bending Sci-Fantasy to aid their high, so I agree that they should have cut the less-unique fight scenes and focused more on the mystic-spiritual stuff. I was disappointed that the rumor that Dan Harmon was doing a rewrite of the script turned out to be false, since Rick and Morty is one of the current go-tos for that niche. There’s always next time, especially now that they’ve gotten the generic origin story out of the way, but still…
    I wonder if MovieBob’s prediction will turn out to be true and MarvelDisney will start plausibly-deniably marketing Dr. Strange’s own brand of mysticism as a cult religion, like Marvel’s The Secret.
    I assumed the reason they whitewashed the Ancient One was because in the comics the Ancient One is Tibetian, and if you have a prominent Tibetian character in your movie, China will reject it, because the Chinese authorities don’t want to call attention to their actions in Tibet… but they also felt they couldn’t just swap one Asian country for another without risking coming off as saying “All y’all look alike.” So they cast her as a woman to try and shake things up a little in some way at least.

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