2 thoughts on “re:play Episode 13: Final Fantasy VI Episode 14: Abject Apocalypse

  1. Typhon & Ultros appear in FFXIV’s optional “Inspector Hildibrand” quest line – they’re a trial (instanced boss encounter for 8 players) in which the players are obligated, through a comedy of errors, to face them in a gladiatorial ring. Typhon is not played more seriously than Ultros but is portrayed as more powerful – the most common failure mode in the fight is to fail to prevent Typhon from sneezing, which simultaneously pushes every character off the edge of the arena and triggers a scripted loss.

    Also appearing in FFXIV, and not as a joke, is the Warring Triad itself, recast as the same sort of creature as the bosses derived from Summons & Espers. The first of the three encounters leads with a good cover of Atma Weapon’s theme, before proceeding to a new piece written for the specific fight. (I haven’t got around to the other two, but I really should)

    Surprisingly they are not, so far as I am aware, responsible for any of the seven apocalypses to which the setting is known to have been subjected.


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