Quick update on Steven Universe and vlogs

I have fully caught up on Steven Universe. I have recorded all my vlogs through “Last One Out of Beach City,” but will be editing and releasing them by the schedule.
I’ve decided that rather than wait for the end of Season 4, what I’ll do is watch the episodes as they come out. I’ll record a vlog after 1, 2, or 3 episodes based on how much I feel I have to say about the episodes (for example, the first three episodes of S4 are one vlog together; episode 4 is a vlog by itself, then episodes 5-6, and episode 7 didn’t give me enough to work with on its own so I’m holding off on recording a vlog for it). I will still post the vlogs to the Patreon first, and then release them to the general public ~3 weeks later.
Weeks I don’t do a Steven Universe vlog, I’ll do one for Gravity Falls S2 or a commissioned episode. Once we’re out of Gravity Falls, I’ll replace it with Star vs. Evil S2, and then after that will be a vote to determine what I vlog next. (I have promised a viewer that I will include the Netflix Voltron show on that list, and if it’s out by then I’ll have Young Justice S3 on there as well, but we’ll worry about it when we get there.)

2 thoughts on “Quick update on Steven Universe and vlogs

  1. Huh. For some reason I thought you only recorded the vlogs like the day before they went up. I didn’t realize you did them this far ahead of time.
    Might I also recommend you do a vlog on the Infinity Train pilot?

    • I normally do the vlogs the day they go up. But sometimes I have time and want to keep going, so I’ll record a bunch in sequence. That happened with the latter half of Korra season 4, for example, and it happened this past weekend.

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