Stretch Goal Revealed on the Animated Discussions Kickstarter!
The Kickstarter is 1/3 funded!
As promised, I’ve revealed the first stretch goal, which has a bit of a story attached. Years ago, I was asked by Charles Dunbar (yes, the same person who’s writing a guest chapter for this book) to submit to a chapter for a book he was putting together of, if I recall the pitch correctly, scholarly articles about anime fandom written by anime fans. At the time, I was intrigued by the way the fandom’s attitude toward Western animation was shifting: when I first got started in the fandom in the mid-90s, it was extremely hostile to Western animation, but nowadays generally embraces it–there is enormous crossover between anime fans and fans of, say, Steven Universe or Adventure Time.
I wrote and submitted my chapter; no one else ever did, and the book was never published. That chapter has lain dormant ever since, although some of the research that went into it has turned up in chapters in both My Little Po-Mo vol. 1 and The Near Apocalypse of ’09. But if we can hit $1200 on this Kickstarter, I will dust it off, expand it, and include it in the final book!
In other Kickstarter news, we’re just $160 away from the next achievement, unlocking an excerpt from Fullmetal Alchemy on the alchemical meaning of the symbols on Ed’s Gate of Truth and jacket, and what this says about him as a character.

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