Excerpts posted on the Animated Discussions Kickstarter!


The Kickstarter is nearly to the 1/4 mark! As promised, I’ve posted two excerpts in the updates:

The first is from “Break the World’s Shell: Anime Apocalypses as Social and Personal Revolution,” which I’m currently planning to be the book’s final chapter. In it, I discuss Akira, the anxiety of power, and a city that craves its own destruction; then I move on to Neon Genesis Evangelion, the way its final episodes shift the focus of the apocalypse from world-spanning, cosmic events to a very personal and subjective account of one character, and how the final “Congratulations!” scene fulfills the promise of the series’ OP.

The second is from “The Duel Named Revolution: Making Sense of Revolutionary Girl Utena.” An introduction to the chapter proper, it discusses kinds of truth, the origins and flaws in the “suspension of disbelief” approach to fiction, and the ways in which Utena defies any attempt by the viewer to take that approach.

We’re just $65 away from revealing the first stretch goal!

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