7 thoughts on “re:play Episode 11: Final Fantasy VI Part 12: My Dinner with Gestahl

  1. As requested, I’m leaving a comment to say that the music worked just fine!
    Re: blue magic: in FF8 blue magic was Quistis’ limit break, so I don’t think that was the game you were thinking of. (Of course, all magic in FF8 was kind of like blue magic, since you had to steal it from enemies.) Funnily enough, in FF7 blue magic – the E.Skill materia – was ridiculously OP if you knew how to learn Mighty Guard, White Wind, and (I think) Angel’s Feather – the enemies who knew those abilities would never use them on their own, so the only way you’d know they existed was from a walkthrough or strategy guide, and then you had to use the Control materia to make the enemy use the ability on you. Another example of FF7 having a good idea and then just completely faceplanting on the execution. I think FF9 had the best version of blue magic – when Quina’s “Eat” ability killed a monster, Quina would learn any blue magic spells that monster had known, IIRC. Much less painful than dragging a fight out until the monster used the right ability on the right target. (Learning “Roulette” in FF7 was pure misery.)

    • I think it’s probably IX I’m thinking of. Although I do remember making Tifa a Blue Mage in FF7 and learning a couple pretty powerful moves DURING the last boss fight.

  2. There’s a part where I find it difficult to make out your words, so I’ve been waiting on captions. I see in the archive you’ve been behind on captions a while. What’s the status?

    • Through Herculean effort, I managed to get the captions on episode 13 done in the three weeks between putting it on YouTube and releasing it to the public.
      Captions are REALLY TIME CONSUMING. I can record and edit 4 vlogs or write 2 NA09 entries in the time it takes to caption 1 video, and that’s if YouTube doesn’t glitch out and eat my captions at any point in the process.
      So… The status is that I’m doing my best, but it’s slow going.

  3. At 2:20 or so – about when the banquet is starting – you’re arguing that fascist governments, like empires, collapse if they cannot expand. But as far as I know, Franco kept his head down from the end of the Spanish Civil war to the end of his natural life, and yet his fascist government didn’t collapse. It was instead inherited by a man who preferred being a figurehead drawing a pension from a democratic government to being an actual governing monarch.
    19:10 the Empire doesn’t tell Leo anything. It says something about them that they know to keep him in the dark to that extent.

  4. The title of this post says it’s the 11th episode of re:play and the 12th part of FFVI. I believe 12th is correct and 11th is in error.

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