re:play Episode 11: Final Fantasy VI Part 11: Into the Underworld


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I’m going to try to get closed captioning on episode 10 done today and this episode done over the weekend, but I’m really, really behind on essays for the Patreon, so no promises.

2 thoughts on “re:play Episode 11: Final Fantasy VI Part 11: Into the Underworld

  1. A few thoughts as I slowly catch up with the latest episode:
    Terra’s journey to the Sealed Gate is a personal journey to the underworld – an attempt to reconnect with the part of herself that she was repressing until recently. But I also see it as a journey to the subconscious of the whole world (i.e. the world under the Empire’s rule): an attempt to connect and free that which in this world is repressed and oppressed. And the result of that is, basically, revolution – a violent destruction of the oppressive order.
    In this context, Kefka’s presence during the release of the Espers is significant to me: as you note, he’s the trickster, an agent of chaos, but he’s also tightly connected to the order that is the Empire – he’s chaos born out of that order, the most monstrous expression of the Empire’s ideology. As such, he can be seen as the catalyst of revolution, the most immediate, most pressing cause of it.
    But in the journey to the underworld there can also occur a “reversal of polarities”, where elements of the story suddenly play an opposite role (think “Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth” and Joker, usually Batman’s opponent, performing the role of a mentor). And in this light I think a small part of Kefka’s mentality is actually what’s needed for a revolution to occur: a sort of “ah, screw it, let’s just burn this world down; nothing good will come of it anyway” mindset. Of course, once we emerge from the underworld, Kefka goes back to being an agent of the Empire and an antagonist to be defeated. But here, symbolically at least, I think he’s aiding the team, in his own, tricksterish way.
    And now on to the dinner with Gestahl. I’m really curious about how you play it.

  2. Catching up.
    My spoilers are sketchy and I didn’t know that Espers wrecked Vector before Kefka wrecked everything.
    Even so, I managed to guess ahead of time the point made.

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