Liveblog chat thingies resume next Saturday!

As I see it we have three options:

  1. Continue watching one episode of MLP and one episode of SMC each week, starting from where we left off.
  2. Watch two episodes of MLP a week until we catch up, and then watch one episode of each per week.
  3. Watch two episodes of SMC a week until we catch up, and then watch one episode of each per week.

What are people’s preferences?

2 thoughts on “Liveblog chat thingies resume next Saturday!

  1. The most recent SMC season is complete, so:
    * if we choose to catch up to SMC, once we’ve caught up it’s likely the next season will not yet have begun. Therefore we would then default to 2 MLP episodes, until we catch up to that, at which point we could resume Psyco-Pass
    * Watching 1 episode of SMC and MLP a week constitutes catching up to SMC. This remains true if we first catch up to MLP on 2 episodes a week. The increased number of weeks to fully catch up to SMC leads to a possibility the next season will begin before we’ve caught up.

  2. I feel like we should prioritize getting caught up on at least one of the series before we start back up again. SMC has a shorter season, so I vote we get that out of the way first?
    Incidentally, can we start at 12:00 CST/1:00 EST next Saturday? This coming week is when performances start, and the Saturday ones start at 3:00 PM (our time), and call time is two hours ahead (I can be a bit late for that, but preferably not a full hour late).

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