re:play Episode 10: Final Fantasy VI Part 10: Between Two Worlds


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This is actually June’s episode. Sorry it’s so late, it was massively delayed by my computer troubles. The July episode is already finished and available to Patreon backers; I’ll make it public next Friday, and then we should be back to the normal monthly schedule after that.
I know I’m also very behind on closed-captioning. I’ll work on this episode today, but can’t guarantee I’ll finish or when the next episode will get closed captioned, not to mention that episode 9’s captions aren’t finished either. But I’ll get to them!

3 thoughts on “re:play Episode 10: Final Fantasy VI Part 10: Between Two Worlds

  1. This one is now captioned. Not sure what went wrong there–if I was talking quietly or overzealous with noise reduction or put my voice or the music in the wrong track or what. (I normally put the music in a track that’s cranked way down, -11 dB or so, and my voice in one that’s cranked up as high as it can go without going into the red, +1.5 dB or so.)

  2. Great thoughts on grinding! If I wanted to be charitable towards this mechanism (and I’m not sure I do; in my youth, I always chose the easiest difficulty modes and cheat codes whenever possible, because I only cared about the story – nowadays, when I replay some of the old jrpgs, I find it more acceptable to grind for a bit, maybe real life prepared me for that), I would say that it not only prepares you for work as an adult; it can also teach you that sometimes you have to put in some effort in order to realize your goals.
    That is a lesson young me certainly could have used – as a child, I was doing well enough in school that I could learn all the material with little to no effort at all. Once I went to university, found myself surrounded by brighter people, and started grappling with more demanding material, I realized that I don’t really have the persistence to just get down to work and quickly grew dispirited. I’m still grappling with that in my writing, where I discover new things I can’t quite pull off yet on an almost daily basis and have to battle procrastination resulting from this frustration really hard in order to get anything done. Of course, writing is more creative than grinding, but I still think that maybe if I was forced to grind a little more as a child, I would have a mindset and habits that would be a little more helpful with that creative work as well ;).
    Sorry if that got a little too personal, that’s just what I thought of listening to this episode. In any case, I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!

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