Captain's Log, Weekly Digest 76

A summary of the past week of posts to my in-character Star Trek Online Tumblr, chronicling the adventures of E.N. Morwen, a science-loving and thoughtful young woman trapped in a galaxy of warring space giants.

  • Jabberwocky: Morwen enters the Mirror Universe on a mission from the Prophets.
  • The Factory: Morwen’s team infiltrates a ketracil white manufacturing facility used by the Alpha Jem’Hadar.
  • The New Link: Laas is found.

As the flag officer of a fleet or tactical group, Starfleet regulations also require Morwen to provide a Fleet Status Report briefly summarizing¬†the current status and mission of all ships under her command, every Stardate that’s a multiple of 10.
The Table of Contents has been updated!

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