Panel Video: EVA Pilots, Rose Brides, and Puella Magi: Heroic Trauma in Anime at Anime Boston 2016

A panel I gave at Anime Boston 2016, talking about heroic trauma in select anime, including NGE, Utena, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Madoka Magica.

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2 thoughts on “Panel Video: EVA Pilots, Rose Brides, and Puella Magi: Heroic Trauma in Anime at Anime Boston 2016

  1. Always nice to see another panel from you about those topics.

    Beside that there is another nice video essay project I wanted to point you towards if you haven’t already hear about it … This might not related to this panel content specifically but there is a stylish new kid (well channel) on the block when it comes to the analytical youtube video essays about anime called “Pause and Select” who if I had to guess seems very inspired by Nerdwriters style for videos but for Japanese history & culture. Most stuff seems very mundane and focused on interesting trivia and details in everyday shows but recently they just put up the 2nd of at least 3 videos that discuss the long and interesting relationship anime storytelling had with Japanese style apocalypticism and how it changed over the decades… guess I don’t have to say more ;)

    Part1 here:

    ( BTW despire the fact that I don’t care about the show at all another interesting and well produced video is their essay “Dagashi Kashi is about Candy” which is another interesting look back at anime industry history… this basically was the reason I was reminded of Nerdwriters structure of essays in the first place )


  2. For a moment I thought you’d re-posted an old panel video before I remembered the previous one was about heroic trauma in superhero mythology.


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