SMC S3E5 and MLPFIM S6E9 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

How to participate in the liveblog chat:  Option 1: Whenever you watch the episodes, comment on this post as you watch with whatever responses you feel like posting! Option 2: Go to Enter a nickname, then for the Channels field enter ##rabbitcube, and finally fill in the Captcha and hit Connect! We’ll be watching Sailor Moon and MLP there starting at 6:00 p.m. EST.
I can’t make it today because I’m traveling, so if someone in the chat could post a log in the comments here, I’d appreciate it. I’ll update with my own liveblog once I get a chance to watch the episodes.

12 thoughts on “SMC S3E5 and MLPFIM S6E9 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

  1. [15:00] (Sylocat) So, the Guardians of Oceans and Heavens?
    [15:01] (Sylocat) Is that a fancy way of saying Sea and Sky?
    [15:01] (Arrlaari) Nobody gives a fuck about secret identities
    [15:01] (Sylocat) Finally they figure it out
    [15:01] (Arrlaari) That’s a new one on me
    [15:02] (Sylocat) Ooh, sonic attack! I didn’t know she could do that
    [15:02] (Sylocat) So, if Michiru’s special attack uses her violin, does Haruka’s use some kind of vehicle?
    [15:03] (Sylocat) I mean, she’s a race car driver and helicopter pilot
    [15:03] (Sylocat) Did you get an ad after the credits?
    [15:04] (Arrlaari) yes
    [15:05] (Arrlaari) paused after ad
    [15:06] (Sylocat) Okay…
    [15:06] (Sylocat) Click
    [15:06] (Arrlaari) I guess they got owned
    [15:06] (Sylocat) Yeah, what happened offscreen?
    [15:07] (Sylocat) So, is Tuxedo Fedora not even going to tell them what he figured out?
    [15:08] (Sylocat) The Deity of Destruction is Master Pharoh 90, I assume? Is it supposed to be a surprise?
    [15:09] (Sylocat) She figures it out by the smell?
    [15:09] (Sylocat) That’s a new one
    [15:10] (Sylocat) Okay, we are supposed to assume they’re sharing information offscreen, right?
    [15:10] (Sylocat) Wait, SHE has the grail?
    [15:11] (Sylocat) Ah, so she just went back in time again to train?
    [15:12] (Sylocat) AHAHAH
    [15:13] (Sylocat) Oh jeez, is she still trying to get between them again?
    [15:13] (Sylocat) So they’re not going the Indiana Jones route with the grail, I take it
    [15:13] (Arrlaari) Wasn’t that supposed to be chibi-usa’s homework
    [15:14] (Arrlaari) She basically scammed them into doing her work for her
    [15:14] (Sylocat) She’s their kid all right
    [15:15] (Sylocat) So, why exactly are they not telling each other that they figured out one of the two strangers’ secret identities?
    [15:15] (Arrlaari) ad
    [15:15] (Sylocat) Copy that
    [15:15] (Sylocat) brb
    [15:17] (Arrlaari) paused after ad
    [15:17] (Sylocat) okay
    [15:17] (Sylocat) Click
    [15:17] (Sylocat) Because of course Ami came in first
    [15:18] (Sylocat) I’d assumed it was either Haruka or Michiru
    [15:18] (Sylocat) So, this “Yui Bido” is one of the Death Busters?
    [15:18] (Sylocat) Yep
    [15:18] (Arrlaari) Obviously
    [15:18] (Sylocat) As soon as I typed that, she appears
    [15:19] (Arrlaari) That’s a perfectly normal thing to have in a glass case
    [15:20] (Sylocat) Yes, yes it is
    [15:20] (Sylocat) Like in Men In Black
    [15:20] (Sylocat) And Ami senses her sensing her?
    [15:21] (Sylocat) So, what’s the naming convention here?
    [15:21] (Sylocat) Are “Eudial” and “Viluy” minerals too?
    [15:22] (Sylocat) Oh, she pre-brainwashed the students before Ami could interrupt them? She IS better
    [15:22] (Sylocat) “The class ends,” they say
    [15:23] (Arrlaari) Mercury is hardcore
    [15:23] (Sylocat) Uh, didn’t Viluy already know that?
    [15:23] (Arrlaari) She either jumped out without looing or just had the location of the pool memorized
    [15:23] (Sylocat) She’s Ami, of course she has the location of everything memorized
    [15:24] (Arrlaari) Chip & Ironicus voices: Nanomachines
    [15:25] (Sylocat) Have we seen their transformation sequences before?
    [15:25] (Sylocat) Wait, Uranus should be sideways
    [15:26] (Sylocat) Talisman? Is that one of the three Talismans?
    [15:26] (Arrlaari) Froborr called it a while ago
    [15:26] (Sylocat) Wait, was that poor Hotaru again who got possessed?
    [15:26] (Sylocat) Pluto?
    [15:27] (Sylocat) She looks exactly like Pluto
    [15:27] (Arrlaari) ad
    [15:27] (Sylocat) IS that Pluto?
    [15:27] (Sylocat) I think it’s just the credits after this ad
    [15:29] (Arrlaari) I like how she performed that mundane introduction exactly like the Senshi introductions
    [15:29] (Sylocat) Yeah, that was cool
    [15:29] (Arrlaari) new ED
    [15:30] (Sylocat) So… thoughts?
    [15:31] (Arrlaari) Last week I was talking about another macguffin
    [15:31] (Arrlaari) It was the Holy Grail
    [15:32] (Sylocat) That was, like, the central focus Mcguffin of this arc in the old anime, right?
    [15:34] (Arrlaari) Yeah the bad guys were all about getting to the Holy Grail in the old anime, but in this episode Chibi Usa is the only one who knows about it from future knowledge
    [15:36] (Sylocat) And Haruka has one of the other Talismans
    [15:37] (Arrlaari) Froborr has been predicting that so confidently I was thrown a bit when this episode treated that information as A Reveal
    [15:38] (Sylocat) Given how bizarre the whole “Gosh, who could those two new senshi be” arc was in tone, I’m not sure what’s supposed to be A Reveal and what we’re supposed to have figured out already
    [15:39] (Arrlaari) I think this show is in large part for The Fans who already know all the spoilers
    [15:40] (Sylocat) I guess that’s true… I mean, why else would they make “This new series sticks closer to the manga” such a huge part of their publicity campaign
    [15:41] (Arrlaari) The show has few episodes, high production values, little time left for character building after the main plot points and stuff like Ami’s Action Movie Dive
    [15:42] (Sylocat) Indeed
    [15:42] (Arrlaari) Long time fans know that Venus is way into pop idols and wants to be one, Crystal doesn’t mention it before the episode where a Death Buster is working the pop idol cover but treats it as a given
    [15:44] (Sylocat) And I didn’t even realize that Crystal hadn’t brought it up til then, which I suppose is why they didn’t bother establishing it
    [15:44] (Sylocat) (here’s the MLP BTW )
    [15:47] (Sylocat) So… anything further?
    [15:51] (Sylocat) …No?
    [15:52] (Sylocat) MLP, then?
    [15:53] (Sylocat) (wait, did I get disconnected or something?)
    [15:54] == Sylocat [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
    [15:54] == Sylocat [] has joined ##rabbitcube
    [15:54] == mode/##rabbitcube [+o Sylocat] by ChanServ
    [15:55] (Sylocat) Did I miss anything?
    [15:56] (Sylocat) All right, I’ll start at 6:00, then
    [16:00] (Sylocat) Click
    [16:00] (Sylocat) Ooh, an in medias res opening
    [16:00] (Sylocat) Exposition!
    [16:01] (Sylocat) Oh dear
    [16:01] (Sylocat) This ain’t gonna be pretty
    [16:01] (Sylocat) “NO SPOILERS.”
    [16:02] (Sylocat) Uh oh
    [16:02] (Sylocat) I love the episode title
    [16:02] (Sylocat) Flashbacks?
    [16:03] (Sylocat) Wow, a framing device!
    [16:03] (Sylocat) Wait, who’s this guy supposed to be?
    [16:03] (Sylocat) I know it’s someone
    [16:03] (Sylocat) I like this format
    [16:04] (Sylocat) Nested flashbacks
    [16:05] (Sylocat) A Russian pony. What’s this world’s equivalent of Russia, I wonder
    [16:05] (Sylocat) He looks like he runs a gym
    [16:06] (Sylocat) So, is SHE going to get the blame for everything going pear-shaped?
    [16:07] (Sylocat) i’m gonna have to watch this one several times to catch all the easter eggs
    [16:07] (Sylocat) This is New York all right
    [16:07] (Sylocat) Wait, those two were the valley girls from Putting Your Hoof Down
    [16:08] (Sylocat) “Find the fun, and snap, the job’s a game!”
    [16:08] (Sylocat) Yes, he IS writing all of this down
    [16:08] (Sylocat) Oh jeez, he interviewed her too
    [16:08] (Sylocat) AHAHAHA
    [16:09] (Sylocat) Come on, an article about THIS will bring in an incredible amount of business
    [16:09] (Sylocat) COCO!
    [16:09] (Sylocat) Coco has a coldcold
    [16:10] (Sylocat) Why couldn’t we have watched THIS one last week?
    [16:10] (Sylocat) I mean, this is by far the best episode of the season
    [16:11] (Sylocat) AHAHAH
    [16:11] (Sylocat) Oh, now THAT’S a callback
    [16:11] (Sylocat) Didn’t Fluttershy already handle them?
    [16:12] (Sylocat) Of course Twilight would…
    [16:12] (Sylocat) Wait, what?
    [16:12] (Sylocat) She lets RAINBOW DASH handle the hiring process?
    [16:12] (Sylocat) Sure you can stop it, there’s only three ponies on the dance floor
    [16:13] (Sylocat) Wait, the angel and devil are both Rarity?
    [16:13] (Sylocat) This episode is just too awesome
    [16:13] (Sylocat) A completely silent record, I assume
    [16:13] (Sylocat) Oh… that was uncharacteristically sneaky of her
    [16:14] (Sylocat) Hey, not all clothes are made of fabric
    [16:14] (Sylocat) WHAT
    [16:14] (Sylocat) *headdesks*
    [16:15] (Sylocat) Oh, Applejack
    [16:15] (Sylocat) WHOA
    [16:15] (Sylocat) And raccoons can really mess you up
    [16:16] (Sylocat) Fluttershy hasn’t had this much trouble with animals since the Gala
    [16:17] (Sylocat) That’s… a pretty good moral
    [16:17] (Sylocat) (though I feel Confalone wrote the episode first and had to think up a moral later)
    [16:18] (Sylocat) Ahahah… pulling a Roderick Spode
    [16:19] (Sylocat) I suspected she would do that
    [16:20] (Sylocat) Oh, they recruited DJ P0N-3?
    [16:20] (Sylocat) I should have seen that coming
    [16:20] (Sylocat) OH
    [16:20] (Sylocat) I can’t wait for someone to make an actual recipe of that
    [16:22] (Sylocat) Did she say “ne’er-do-wells,” or did she say Mare-do-wells as a calll back?
    [16:22] (Sylocat) Well, regardless…
    [16:22] (Arrlaari) I literally forgot this page was open, sorry
    [16:22] (Sylocat) Dang, I can’t wait to show THIS one to everyone.
    [16:22] (Arrlaari) I guess I’m missing MLP this week?
    [16:22] (Sylocat) Ah. And the episode just ended
    [16:22] (Sylocat) (though honestly I wouldn’t mind watching the whole thing again)
    [16:22] (Arrlaari) I guess I may as well
    [16:23] (Sylocat) (seriously, why couldn’t THIS one have aired last week? This was amazing
    [16:23] (Arrlaari) ok I’m watching it
    [16:23] (Arrlaari) Like not even paused when it loaded
    [16:23] (Sylocat) Okay then…
    [16:23] (Sylocat) Click
    [16:23] (Sylocat) (we’ll sync up after the OP?)
    [16:24] (Arrlaari) I mean you’ve already seen it so I’d like to just watch it
    [16:24] (Sylocat) Oh. Okay then
    [16:24] (Arrlaari) I’ve basically already wasted the entire runlength of the episode by forgetting to watch it with you
    [16:25] (Sylocat) Eh, it’s okay
    [16:26] (Sylocat) (actually that sort of ties in with the episode theme, kind of, in a way)
    [16:26] (Sylocat) So, would you post the SMC chatlogs? I had to reload the page
    [16:26] (Sylocat) And I’ll post my own
    [16:27] (Arrlaari) I’ve had it open the whole time so I can copy the whole thing at once
    [16:27] (Sylocat) Oh. Okay.
    [16:30] (Arrlaari) bouncer.

  2. I forgot to mention, I can’t make it this weekend at all since I’m going to be at WisCon, so maybe we should hold off ’til next weekend?

  3. Oh yes, and I keep meaning to bring this to your attention.
    Yes, someone not only made an FiM-themed ROM hack of Mega Man, but they actually installed it on an actual NES cartridge and sold it to a used game store for some unsuspecting buyer to find. That, or it’s some jetsam from a parallel universe that broke over into our timeline through some experiment gone wrong (or gone horribly right).

    • Yes, I saw carts like that at MAGFest! Don’t think Mega Pony was one of them, but I love the concept.
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    • Sorry, I forgot to make the post. But I think it’s actually best that we not–I’m getting far enough behind you guys that I might never catch up, especially since I still don’t have a computer on which I can liveblog.

      • Ah, right, I forgot your main computer is down.
        (glad to hear your financial crisis has been somewhat mitigated BTW… I bought an extra copy of “The Very Soil” for my friend Sandy to help out)

  4. Digging up this old post is getting a little unwieldy. If your difficulties remain unresolved tomorrow, may we have a hiatus post?

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