SMC S3E2 and MLPFIM S6E6 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

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After the chat, I will update this post with the log.
ETA: Chatlog below the cut!

[18:07] <Arrlaari> Mugen park, right?
01[18:08] <Froborr> Is that a reference to something? Or something from the last episode?
[18:08] <Arrlaari> Mugen is also the name of the school mentioned last episode
[18:08] <mere_oblivion> Ah.
01[18:08] <Froborr> Oh, right, the one not!Anthy and Utena go to.
[18:09] <Arrlaari> ad
[18:10] <Arrlaari> I’m pretty sure this break was supposed to be post-OP
[18:10] <mere_oblivion> Right in the middle of a syllable?
01[18:10] <Froborr> I had the same, but it sort of skipped past the ad.
01[18:10] <Froborr> I’m paused at 3:41.
[18:10] <Arrlaari> I’m getting ads for makeup
[18:10] <mere_oblivion> Another ad
[18:10] <Arrlaari> Some kind of foundation, and Botox
[18:11] <Arrlaari> half the botox ad is a warning that it could kill you
[18:11] <mere_oblivion> I got deodorant and stomach medicine–oh, and eyedrops. Crikey. I can only be here till 5:30 . . .
[18:12] <mere_oblivion> Back on
[18:12] <Arrlaari> paused after ads
01[18:12] <Froborr> Okay, click.
[18:13] <mere_oblivion> SOmehow this aint working, I’m back to Pepto Bismol and such
01[18:13] <Froborr> Already?
[18:14] <mere_oblivion> Something is not right, something is quite wrong
[18:14] <mere_oblivion> Botox rules the day
01[18:14] <Froborr> Uhoh
[18:15] <Arrlaari> Literally everyone has a different way to tell this place is suspicious
[18:15] <mere_oblivion> Is it possible Crunchyroll just isn’t the ideal? (I don’t know how these things work.)
01[18:15] <Froborr> Crunchyroll is the legal site where it’s showing.
[18:15] <mere_oblivion> Ah.
01[18:16] <Froborr> So where is everyone? I paused at 5:02…
[18:16] <Arrlaari> Why does Chibi-Usa have a miniature weird glasses guy
01[18:16] <Froborr> mere, what time is it where you are, 4:15 or 5:15?
[18:17] <mere_oblivion> Now I think I’m in a different ep. I think I better check out for tonight and hope for better luck next week
01[18:17] <Froborr> Okay. Sorry mere, hopefully it goes better next week!
[18:17] <mere_oblivion> Thanks, you guys.
01[18:18] <Froborr> Arr, I’m still paused at 5:02, where are you?
[18:18] <Arrlaari> I hadn’t realized there was a pause
[18:18] <Arrlaari> I’m paused at 9:12
01[18:19] <Froborr> Okay, I’ll let you know when I get there.
01[18:19] <Froborr> I like the green-haired woman with the vines, that’s a cool design.
01[18:19] <Froborr> I also haven’t missed that we’ve yet again got a villain team with equal numbers to the hero team.
01[18:20] <Froborr> Ah, Witches 5, we have a name.
01[18:20] <Froborr> Apparently the true villain this season is math.
01[18:20] <Froborr> Okay, I see what you mean about everyone’s senses going “this place is wrong”
01[18:21] <Froborr> Wait, who’s this blonde guy? Is this the guy we were shipping with Jupiter last season?
[18:21] <Arrlaari> I think he’s the arcade guy
01[18:21] <Froborr> Ah. Right. Those are different people.
[18:22] <Arrlaari> I actually didn’t remember whether arcade guy was distinct from the guy who had A Moment with Makoto
01[18:23] <Froborr> Ah, right, she has a disguise spell. That didn’t see as much use last season as first, did it?
[18:23] <Arrlaari> I think she might have not used it at all in S2
01[18:23] <Froborr> Okay, paused at 9:12.
01[18:23] <Froborr> Ready?
[18:23] <Arrlaari> ready
01[18:23] <Froborr> Click
01[18:23] <Froborr> Okay, that looks more like the lobby of a hotel than a school.
01[18:24] <Froborr> Oh, it’s not!Anthy. I was expecting the witch.
01[18:26] <Froborr> Oh, Tomoe is a name I know!
01[18:27] <Froborr> The book Beautiful Fighting Girls talks about her a lot.
[18:28] <Arrlaari> ad
01[18:29] <Froborr> Yeah, according to Beautiful Fighting Girls Tomoe from Sailor Moon is one of the main inspirations for the moe trope, it even speculates that the term “moe” originated as a pun on her name.
01[18:29] <Froborr> The character’s only had one line and I can already see how that could have happened.
[18:30] <Arrlaari> paused after ad
01[18:30] <Froborr> Click
01[18:31] <Froborr> Have we seen Chibi-Usa’s transformation before?
[18:33] <Arrlaari> Not this season, and they’ve changed all the transforms
01[18:33] <Froborr> Please tell me they’re not going to make us sit through all six transformations every episode, though?
[18:33] <Arrlaari> They’re traditionally animated now instead of CGI
01[18:34] <Froborr> Oh god, and now all the speeches, it’s interminable!
01[18:35] <Froborr> Okay, I like Moon and Chibi-Moon’s joint speech.
[18:36] <Arrlaari> Chibi-Usa’s move there was pretty acrobatic
01[18:37] <Froborr> Is she summoning power from her future self?
01[18:37] <Froborr> That’s awesome!
01[18:38] <Froborr> Oh hey, it’s Useless Mask.
[18:38] <Arrlaari> Lol secret identity
[18:39] <Arrlaari> ad but I guess there isn’t anything after it
01[18:39] <Froborr> Oh, I like that shot, setting them up as an alternate Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.
01[18:39] <Froborr> Yeah, just the ending credits.
01[18:40] <Froborr> Which are pretty sweet, I think I like them better than the opening.
01[18:40] <Froborr> So Haruka has the Katsuragi and her-girlfriend-whose-name-I-forget has the mirror-whose-name-I-forget, I wonder who has the Magatama?
01[18:41] <Froborr> Smart money’s on either Tomoe or the villains’ leader.
01[18:41] <Froborr> (Don’t answer that, btw.)
01[18:43] <Froborr> So any thoughts on the SMC ep?
[18:44] <Arrlaari> hm
01[18:44] <Froborr> It occurs to me that the Silver Millennium Crystal could be the Magatama, but I hope not. It’s had its run as the MacGuffin du jour.
[18:45] <Arrlaari> I’m trying to think about this episode but I’m distracted
[18:45] <Arrlaari> by A) stuff I think would be better talked about soon, but still later and B) not spoiling your speculation
01[18:46] <Froborr> Fair enough.
[18:46] <Arrlaari> Oh, it’s Haruka and Michiru, and if you pay attention to the subtitles in the ED they do puns on their names
[18:46] <Arrlaari> Like, their last solo lines
01[18:47] <Froborr> I didn’t notice that.
[18:47] <Arrlaari> I’ll say that the Daimons’ visual design has been a bit flat so far
01[18:48] <Froborr> Yeah, I agree.
[18:48] <Arrlaari> In the old anime they had really out-there visual designs, like DC silver age tier weirdness, the wacky monster of the week appearing was a high point of each episode
01[18:49] <Froborr> So far they’ve been dark blobby things with teeth, they could definitely do better.
[18:49] <Arrlaari> This episode’s dark blobby think was identifiably a dark blobby cat
01[18:50] <Froborr> I actually thought it was a stoat, mostly because the phrase “evil weasel” popped in my head and made me laugh.
[18:52] <Arrlaari> The point where it dropped limbs and was a flying snake reminded me of Charlotte
[18:52] <Arrlaari> (I was already thinking about Madoka Magica because the name Tomoe is reused in the later show)
01[18:54] <Froborr> IIRC all or almost all of the Madoka characters are named after characters from past magical girl shows.
[18:55] <Arrlaari> A different show for each one?
01[18:56] <Froborr> I’m not sure, but I think so?
01[18:56] <Froborr> I know Kyoko Sakura is a reference to CCS.
01[18:58] <Froborr> I’m not sure but I *think* Sayaka Miki might be a reference to Utena?
[18:58] <Arrlaari> I remember when my big crossover theory idea was totally derailed by Miki being his given name and not his family name
01[18:59] <Froborr> lol yeah
01[18:59] <Froborr> I remember that too
[19:00] <Arrlaari> I was pretty sure that chasing the hat was going to get Chibi-Usa in to Stranger Danger but instead it led to Tomoe
01[19:01] <Froborr> Yeah, I thought she was going to get captured by the witch or whatever.
[19:01] <Arrlaari> Also I just realized that Mamoru literally did nothing after he arrived on the scene, Luna even did the one thing he normally does
[19:02] <Arrlaari> He was literally replaced by a cat who wasn’t even there
01[19:02] <Froborr> Yep, hence my “Useless Mask” comment.
[19:03] <Arrlaari> Well normally that would be about his one thing being laughably trivial
[19:03] <Arrlaari> But Luna went and took away his one job. His one small contribution to the world.
01[19:05] <Froborr> lol
[19:08] <Arrlaari> Is this character from the season opening?
01[19:08] <Froborr> Yeah, it’s the one from the S5 beginning and ending.
01[19:09] <Froborr> Starlight Glimmer, the one who ran the cult in S5, and then tried to alter history to get revenge, and now she’s Twilight’s friendship student?
[19:09] <Arrlaari> Oh, the cult leader, I remember
01[19:09] <Froborr> Yeah, that’s the one.
[19:09] <Arrlaari> I didn’t see her second appearance
01[19:09] <Froborr> The S5 finale? Oh.
01[19:09] <Froborr> It wasn’t bad.
01[19:10] <Froborr> Ah, of course, so this’ll be abotu overeagerness.
[19:11] <Arrlaari> Is this going to call back to the one thing about preparing for a festival in season 1
01[19:11] <Froborr> And/or her instinct to fix everythign with magic.
01[19:11] <Froborr> Quite possibly.
01[19:13] <Froborr> Okay, that scene with RD was very funny.
01[19:14] <Froborr> Does whatsisface work at the spa?
01[19:14] <Froborr> Oh my god, is that TRIXIE?
[19:14] <Arrlaari> I think it is
01[19:14] <Froborr> IT IS
01[19:15] <Froborr> Oh my god, are we finally going to get an episode that addresses and rejects Friendship Is Transitive?
[19:17] <Arrlaari> Are they gonna bring in Discord too
01[19:17] <Froborr> That would be pretty hilarious.
01[19:19] <Froborr> Oh, interesting, it’s TWILIGHT that’s being overeager and disruptively “helpful”
[19:19] <Arrlaari> This is a thing she’s done before, right?
01[19:20] <Froborr> Oh, absolutely, but I like that it was Starlight doing it initially, but it’s Twilight that has the problem with it.
01[19:20] <Froborr> I really like the friendship between these two.
01[19:22] <Froborr> Okay, Trixie, uncool level of manipulativeness there.
[19:23] <Arrlaari> Also, Starlight should have mentioned that she was supposed to invite her friend to the dinner
01[19:26] <Froborr> To be honest, I actually kind of like that this episode is about all three of them fucking up.
[19:27] <Arrlaari> I dunno, Glimmer seems relatively blameless
01[19:27] <Froborr> She could have told Trixie about the dinner, or told Twilight she wasn’t coming.
01[19:27] <Froborr> But yeah, definitely the most blameless of the three.
[19:28] <Arrlaari> I guess least blameful
01[19:28] <Froborr> Yeah.
01[19:28] <Froborr> Okay, Cranky’s line at the end there was great.
[19:29] <Arrlaari> And they literally never told Trixie that Glimmer’s new friend was supposed to go to the dinner with her
01[19:29] <Froborr> Yep.
[19:30] <Arrlaari> Like maybe Trixie would have liked to meet Princess Celestia, the Actual Sun
01[19:33] <Froborr> Yeah, that seems like it’s something she might have liked.
[19:40] <Arrlaari> I hope next week’s Sailor Moon moves forward enough for me to talk about a thing
01[19:40] <Froborr> I hope so too, I do feel like not a lot happened in the first two episodes.
01[19:40] <Froborr> (Doesn’t help they had about 10 minutes of transformation sequence between them.)
[19:40] <Arrlaari> I’ve been waiting to talk about it since before we were sure they were doing this season
[19:51] <Arrlaari> I for one welcome our new Transformation Sequence Overlords and look forward to episodes with even more Transformation Sequences
01[19:51] <Froborr> lol
01[19:52] <Froborr> Episode 5 is just called “Transformation” and consists of nothing but 30 characters all transforming in sequence.
[19:52] <Arrlaari> Episode 6: In the Name of the Moon is their post-transformation announcement of impending punishment
01[19:54] <Froborr> And then Episode 7 is the actual fight.
01[19:54] <Froborr> Great, this is DBZ now.
[19:56] <Arrlaari> I would argue it’s still better than DBZ because Sailor Moon’s allies actually participate in the battles she wins instead of jobbing to the villain before the main hero wins one on one
01[19:56] <Froborr> True.
[19:59] <Arrlaari> You know, I guess they didn’t go after Friendship is Transitive this MLP
[19:59] <Arrlaari> At least not explicitly
01[20:00] <Froborr> True.
[20:02] <Arrlaari> Also, they didn’t seem to acknowledge that Trixie could have died? Like, presenting helping her with the trick as a big choice to believe in her or not instead of intervening in a suicide attempt?
[20:03] <Arrlaari> Like are we assuming that if she hadn’t appeared in the box Fluttershy would have Stared at the Manticore and got her vomited out?
01[20:04] <Froborr> That or Trixie setting off fireworks or something.
[20:08] <Arrlaari> There was a lot of paralleling Glimmer to Sparkle – the offhand mention that Glimmer is good at organizing
[20:08] <Arrlaari> I’m guessing that’s building on work established in last season’s finale
01[20:08] <Froborr> Somewhat, yes. They’re a lot alike.
[20:11] <Arrlaari> I wonder if Glimmer is going to follow Trixie on her tour or if Trixie is going to stay in Ponyville. I’m still interested in what dynamic they’d do between Glimmer and Discord
01[20:12] <Froborr> I suspect the answer is neither.
01[20:12] <Froborr> Glimmer will stay in Ponyville as Twilight’s student all season, Trixie will keep touring, maybe there’ll be episodes with more visits or whatever though.
[20:27] <Arrlaari> I’ve been thinking about something
[20:27] <Arrlaari> Do we know how long Glimmer was running that town the way she was? Specifically if she had a bunch of cutie marks locked up in a cave when Tirek went around stealing every Cutie Mark he could find for himself?
01[20:32] <Froborr> Huh, that’s a very good question.
01[20:32] <Froborr> It has to have been for a while, so she probably did have them locked up during the tirek thing
[20:44] <Arrlaari> In that case it seems likely that Tirek didn’t find those cutie marks. At first glance, the ponies there just don’t have marks, and a close examination of any pony except Glimmer shows that they really don’t have a mark. Unless Tirek had an unerring sense that led him to Glimmer and the cave, he probably just shrugged it off and left.
01[20:45] <Froborr> Very likely.
01[20:45] <Froborr> He probably got Glimmer’s mark, though.
[20:47] <Arrlaari> You figure he’d have checked closely enough to realize that she’d just painted it over?
01[20:47] <Froborr> Oh, point. Hmm, I dunno.
[20:48] <Arrlaari> Like, I figure he’d have checked the first pony he saw closely enough for that, but if that pony wasn’t her he may have not had the patience to keep looking
01[20:51] <Froborr> Yeah, that makes sense.
[20:57] <Arrlaari> So, I get the impression that Glimmer’s been set up as Twilight’s peer in talent but not achievement, and that the big showdown between Sparkle and Tirek was presented as a close thing, so one could argue that Tirek not finding all those marks Made the Difference
01[21:10] <Froborr> Hmm, yes, though it’s not been mentioned in the show.
[21:17] <Arrlaari> It may not have ocurred to anyone yet. It also implies that Glimmer’s bad conduct accidentally had a good consequence, so the writers may want to avoid it or take care with which character observes it.

One thought on “SMC S3E2 and MLPFIM S6E6 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

  1. [16:37] {@Sylocat} The logo is actually Puss in Boots, but I think he looks like Speedy Gonzales
    [16:38] {@Sylocat} He’s her dad, isn’t he?
    [16:38] {@Sylocat} Women’s Association Meeting?
    [16:39] {mere_oblivion} Many things are unfair in anime.
    [16:41] {@Sylocat} Ah, another Dark Reflection of the heroes, huh?
    [16:41] {@Sylocat} “Benefits?” So the villains are an evil-magic corporation or something?
    [16:42] {mere_oblivion} So do each of these women correspond to a specific hero?
    [16:42] {@Sylocat} I assume.
    [16:42] {@Sylocat} “I hate when places don’t have the right spatial density.”
    [16:42] == Arrlaari [6bd696cc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined ##rabbitcube
    [16:42] {Arrlaari} Hi
    [16:42] {@Sylocat} Hey Arrlaari
    [16:43] {mere_oblivion} Hey! We’re getting caught up on last week’s SMC.
    [16:43] {@Sylocat} Dad and I are just doing our own mini-liveblog of last week’s SMC, I’ll post it in the comments before we start this week’s
    [16:43] {Arrlaari} Makes sense.
    [16:44] {@Sylocat} Don’t worry, dad, I have no idea who Asamuna is, either
    [16:44] {mere_oblivion} Oh good.
    [16:45] {@Sylocat} Wait, what? Her magic makeup kit can change her school uniform into another school uniform?
    [16:45] {mere_oblivion} Evidently!
    [16:45] {@Sylocat} Those glasses are adorkable
    [16:45] {mere_oblivion} Talk about fascist architecture!
    [16:45] {@Sylocat} Uh oh
    [16:46] {@Sylocat} Oh, it’s Neptune on the violin? I’d assumed the music was going to be hypnotic or something
    [16:47] {mere_oblivion} Well, it’s sort of hypnotic even if that’s not the main point.
    [16:47] {@Sylocat} She should have sent Mercury in, Ami would have a full cover story complete with dossiers for them
    [16:48] {mere_oblivion} At least she found the bloody hat.
    [16:48] {@Sylocat} I mean, “State your year, rank and class?” Ami would ace that interrogation
    [16:48] {@Sylocat} She’s about to turn into a monster I assume
    [16:49] {mere_oblivion} You called that
    [16:49] {@Sylocat} Or just get possessed by one
    [16:50] {@Sylocat} There would’ve been an ad break there
    [16:50] {mere_oblivion} I’m so lucky not to have to deal with that stuff right now
    [16:51] == Froborr [~Froborr@] has joined ##rabbitcube
    [16:51] {Froborr} Hullo!
    [16:51] {@Sylocat} ElectraUsa gets her own transformation sequence? Was that in the first episode of this season too?
    [16:51] {Arrlaari} catchup liveblog is in progress
    [16:51] {mere_oblivion} Hey there
    [16:52] {@Sylocat} Ah, hey… dad and I are catching up on last week’s SMC, I’ll post it in the comments before we start this week’s
    [16:52] {@Sylocat} We’re in the middle of the big group transformation sequence
    [16:53] {mere_oblivion} It’s very big, also quite transformative
    [16:53] {@Sylocat} Indeed
    [16:54] {mere_oblivion} Are they a buncha dominatrixes or what?
    [16:54] {@Sylocat} Maybe not that last one
    [16:54] {@Sylocat} Gee, watch out for the claws? Great advice
    [16:54] {mere_oblivion} Exactly
    [16:55] {@Sylocat} So, which of the five evil girls corresponds with which Scout?
    [16:56] {@Sylocat} Well, if Wonder Woman gets a golden lasso of truth, Sailor Venus should get a love-me chain
    [16:56] {mere_oblivion} Heart attack? Daimon’s older than I thought
    [16:57] {@Sylocat} And the cat doesn’t seem that bothered
    [16:57] {mere_oblivion} “Darn. That was a failure.” Yeah, I think so.
    [16:57] {@Sylocat} Wait, the vic-of-the-week is still sick?
    [16:57] {@Sylocat} I’d assumed it was some monster thing
    [16:57] {@Sylocat} Oh.
    [16:58] {@Sylocat} I’d forgot we saw her in the first episode
    [16:58] {mere_oblivion} Right
    [16:58] {@Sylocat} She’s Saturn, I assume
    [16:58] {mere_oblivion} Saturn, the planet of healing?
    [16:59] {@Sylocat} Alright, while I’m preloading the next one, I’ll copy this over to the comments of last week’s post

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