re:play Episode 9: Final Fantasy VI Part 9: Empires

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Closed captioning isn’t done yet because I still haven’t managed to finish last month’s CC, because CC is difficult and time-consuming and this month has kinda sucked. Sorry.And by “just” I mean “an hour ago.” Give me a day or two on this one.

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4 thoughts on “re:play Episode 9: Final Fantasy VI Part 9: Empires

  1. I’m not sure, but I suspect that the upcoming strong argument for reading The Empire as Imperial Japan is the fact that The Empire will be decisively ended by an overwhelming, broadly destructive magical attack – or in other words, their bid for conquest ends when they get nuked.
    The bit where Cid thinks that Kefka is everything wrong with the Empire and if he just tells Gestahl what Kefka’s up to, the Emperor will put a stop to Kefka and end the war is probably the clearest expression of his character.
    #128 looks like a cyborg to me. In particular, regrowth of left blade & right blade is an organic horror trope.
    At this point in the game, there is a prominent male innate mage, but he’s our recurring antagonist.

  2. Re: your point at 27:37 about when Celes was infused with magic? The game actually confirms that she was infused after Kefka. In the café in Vector, there’s a sympathizer who tells you that Kefka was Gestahl’s very first experimental Magitek knight, “…but the process wasn’t quite perfected yet. Something in Kefka’s mind snapped that day.”
    Given that Cid probably ran that experiment too, this presents one possible explanation for why he cares about Celes so much: he feels guilty about what happened to his first project, and he doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

  3. While listening to this video, I hear quite a bit of hiss. It reminded me that I recently saw a video talking about recording stuff. After a little bit I was able to remember which video, it’s this podcast: (the t=2753 should start the video at the point they start talking about that subject)
    What I specifically thought of was pop filters, but I was misremembering pop filters as hiss filters, and google is ambiguous as to whether or not pop filters do anything about hiss.
    Probably googling hiss will lead more directly to a way to address the hiss in this video than listening to those two guys talk about Let’s Play recording for like, I think at least half an hour? They talk about it for a long time.

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