No liveblog chat thingy today

Too many people unable to come, we’re just going to skip it this week.
Starting next week, we’re going to try having the chat at 6 pm EST. We’ll do that for a while and then decide whether to keep it as the standard time going forward.
We also need to talk about what we’re going to watch, when. When I made the schedule announcement last time I was under the impression that the new season of SMC would be doing two episodes a month, but they appear to be going weekly. So there’s a couple of options: we could watch one show every week and alternate the other two, or we could watch both MLP and SMC each week and put off Psycho-Pass? Feel free to comment with your preference–and if you prefer the first option, let me know which show you’d want to be the weekly one.

2 thoughts on “No liveblog chat thingy today

  1. SMC is weekly now? Well, that throws a monkey wrench in the works.
    I’d be willing to postpone Psycho-Pass… I mean, I’m loving Psycho-Pass so far (neuropunk is my favorite SF genre), but SMC is current, whereas Psycho-Pass is from 2012. It’s also shorter.

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