re:play Episode 8: Final Fantasy VI Part 8: The War Machine

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Closed captioning isn’t done yet because I only just managed to get LAST month’s closed captions working right. And by “just” I mean “an hour ago.” Give me a day or two on this one.

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4 thoughts on “re:play Episode 8: Final Fantasy VI Part 8: The War Machine

  1. Another fine episode! To point out: you can steal Green Berets from the Joker enemies, which certainly adds credence to the theory that they’re victims of magitek experiments on the military.
    Is it worth noting in advance that we find out at the end of the Devil’s Lab that the Empire has been “using” the Espers wrong? That their “research” has, in fact, been mistaken and inefficient? How does that affect the parallel between the seemingly “productive” abuse of Espers and the utterly pointless slaughter of the Holocaust?

  2. Are you sure the soldier in Maranda was chasing the woman around? That’s what it looked like at first, but, distances between the two characters not being fixed, I noticed after you talked to her that the distances had shifted in such a manner that it began seeming as if she was the chaser and not the one being chased. Her line, “want to get hitched?”, also supports multiple interpretations–it could mean she wants to be saved, via marriage, from unwanted advances, but it could also mean that she’s really into fighters. Not that either scenario is ideal, but the potential for ambiguity is interesting, I feel.

  3. One moment that fascinated me in this episode is the magic-using child and the mother’s line about how “director Cid gave my child the gift of Cure” (I think that’s how it went?). This line raises a lot of questions I think: does the Empire conduct experiments on children? If so, is it on a voluntary basis, or is it mandatory? And how come she speaks of it as a boon when magic is so heavily stigmatised in this world? Is she fully on board with the imperial ideology? I find that moment really interesting.

  4. This is just to add that of course we know that Empire was conducting experiments on children – hence Terra and Celes both having magic. But there’s still something striking about the fact that apparently it’s not just vulnerable children who maybe weren’t protected from such initiatives, but also children whose parents are with them.

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