Welcome new readers from Anime Boston!

Feel free to look around the place! Here are some links related to my AB panels:
Fullmetal Alchemy: The 15K word post of which the panel is a stripped-down version. Lots of stuff here I didn’t cover in the panel!
Utena Episode Commentaries: A series of posts commenting on Revolutionary Girl Utena episode-by-episode, in five-episode chunks (except the last three). A handful of the ideas here then became the Utena panel.
The Near-Apocalypse of ’09: A psychochronography of the DC Animated Universe. Heroic trauma is a major theme.
The Very Soil: My Madoka Magica book! Much of the panel was drawn from a couple chapters of this.

One thought on “Welcome new readers from Anime Boston!

  1. Saw every panel- they all rawked, but the Alchemy one was breathtaking (& i’m not very fluent w FMA.) I’m still processing last year’s panels & will see every panel next year.
    Could u email me with a preferred way to ask u lengthy blathering questions? Thx

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