Psycho-Pass Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

How to participate in the liveblog chat:  Option 1: Whenever you watch the episode, comment on this post as you watch with whatever responses you feel like posting! Option 2: Go to Enter a nickname, then for the Channels field enter ##rabbitcube, and finally fill in the Captcha and hit Connect! We’ll be watching Psycho-Pass and commenting there starting at 1:00 p.m. EST. That’s one hour earlier than normal!

I will not be there this weekend due to Anime Boston, so if someone in the chat could comment here with a log afterwards I’d appreciate it. I’ll update this post with my own reactions some time in the next week, as soon as I get a chance to watch the episodes.

4 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

  1. [10:04] (Sylocat) Ah yes, when we left off, the Summer Wars subplot was in full swing
    [10:04] (Sylocat) Mom just said, “What’s with the safety pin?”
    [10:04] (Sylocat) Ah, she was wearing a wire?
    [10:05] (Arrlaari) She was wearing a VR suit in the police building
    [10:05] (Sylocat) Yeah… like, a sting
    [10:07] (Sylocat) Shades of Will Graham with this guy
    [10:08] (Sylocat) “Get off my lawn, you kids”
    [10:08] (Arrlaari) Akane is talking sense at luddite ideas
    [10:08] (Sylocat) I like how this inverts the standard cyberpunk-dystopia tropes
    [10:09] (Sylocat) Like, most SF would make the luddite guy right about everything and demolish strawmen
    [10:10] (Sylocat) Ooh, different people using the same account?
    [10:10] (Sylocat) It’s almost like the writers of this police procedural actually know something about computers
    [10:10] (Sylocat) (can you imagine an American TV network trusting audiences to be able to grok that concept?)
    [10:11] (Sylocat) Wait, did we see who got blown up?
    [10:11] (Sylocat) Is this the guy who had the Orwell book?
    [10:11] (Sylocat) Ah, no casualties, then?
    [10:12] (Sylocat) Eww
    [10:13] (Sylocat) “Missy?” That’s some kind of translation thing, right?
    [10:13] (Sylocat) Gee, he knows exactly the right thing to say, doesn’t he
    [10:14] (Sylocat) …
    [10:15] (Sylocat) This is some actual psychology stuff
    [10:17] (Sylocat) …Too many of the character designs look alike. Have we seen that guy in the mug shot before?
    [10:18] (Sylocat) Another decoy?
    [10:18] (Sylocat) Or not
    [10:18] (Sylocat) Ah, clever use of the modular decorations here
    [10:19] (Sylocat) Oh dear
    [10:19] (Sylocat) Ouch
    [10:19] (Sylocat) Will he get a bionic arm?
    [10:20] (Sylocat) His use of the “I’m home” line, is that a commentary on otaku?
    [10:20] (Sylocat) I officially feel sorry for this guy
    [10:21] (Sylocat) Oh, this is just twisting the knife
    [10:21] (Arrlaari) It’s that guy
    [10:22] (Sylocat) Oh jeez, they can hear this?
    [10:22] (Sylocat) I don’t care what this guy’s done, no one deserves this
    [10:22] (Sylocat) Let me guess, all the transcripts have been wiped remotely
    [10:23] (Arrlaari) Gee, maybe you should have apprehended the guy and questioned him about accomplices
    [10:23] (Sylocat) Yeah, you’d think Sibyl would allow a nonlethal takedown option for the purpose of interrogation
    [10:25] (Sylocat) Ah, an old case broke him?
    [10:25] (Arrlaari) As I figured, he Gazed Into the Abyss
    [10:25] (Arrlaari) The special case in question was no doubt Mr. Whitehair
    [10:26] (Sylocat) Yep, from the opening
    [10:26] (Sylocat) I wonder what he did
    [10:26] (Arrlaari) Who is no doubt the guy who provided this culprit with accomplices
    [10:27] (Sylocat) Oh, the next episode has a fun title, doesn’t it
    [10:27] (Sylocat)
    [10:27] (Arrlaari) preloaded
    [10:28] (Sylocat) Gimme a minute
    [10:28] (Sylocat) Okay then…
    [10:28] (Sylocat) Click
    [10:29] (Sylocat) Is this a flashback to That Case?
    [10:29] (Sylocat) Oh jeez
    [10:29] (Sylocat) No wonder that case made him snap
    [10:31] (Sylocat) Who is this?
    [10:31] (Sylocat) Is this the Chief of Police?
    [10:31] (Sylocat) Ah, it is
    [10:31] (Sylocat) I’d assumed the trenchcoat guy was the boss
    [10:32] (Sylocat) Twelfth Night!
    [10:32] (Arrlaari) Trenchcoat guy is an Enforcer
    [10:32] (Sylocat) Ooh, a flashback to her school days?
    [10:32] (Sylocat) I love how they Katakana-ize “Shakespeare”
    [10:33] (Sylocat) BORING?!
    [10:33] (Sylocat) Oh, it’s on.
    [10:33] (Sylocat) Yes, I can see why Titus Andronicus would be relevant to Urobuchi…
    [10:34] (Sylocat) Whew… she laughed derisively instead of embarrassedly, there’s a chance she’s not actually in love
    [10:34] (Sylocat) “Theraputic tripping.” I wondered whether Sibyl would legalize pot
    [10:36] (Sylocat) Mom was wondering that same thing
    [10:36] (Sylocat) “Impregnating?” That’s an odd verb
    [10:37] (Sylocat) Yep, they’re doinking
    [10:37] (Arrlaari) They gay
    [10:38] (Sylocat) “Certain,” huh?
    [10:38] (Arrlaari) So white hair provided the resin
    [10:38] (Arrlaari) His MO is to support criminals he judges interesting
    [10:39] (Sylocat) Yarp.
    [10:39] (Sylocat) He’s, like, a professional consultant criminal, who does “charity” work for more interesting clients
    [10:40] (Sylocat) Wait, this is present day? I thought this was a flashback to Akane’s school days
    [10:40] (Sylocat) I understand their desire to make this a “serious” show, but I wish they’d use more hair colors
    [10:41] (Sylocat) She’s either a Mean Girl or she’s too good to be true
    [10:41] (Sylocat) I like the stained glass windows in the background
    [10:41] (Sylocat) For a moment I thought they were introducing aliens into this mix
    [10:42] (Sylocat) The poor younger girl thinks they’re about to make out
    [10:42] (Sylocat) Oh… there’s something actually going on?
    [10:44] (Sylocat) Uh…
    [10:44] (Sylocat) This is her version of whispering sweet nothings, apparently
    [10:44] (Sylocat) That was a disturbing scene
    [10:45] (Sylocat) Is this the guy from the factory?
    [10:45] (Sylocat) Ah yes, he is
    [10:45] (Sylocat) Yep, all from the same guy
    [10:45] (Sylocat) So all the cases are tied together
    [10:47] (Sylocat) Wait, what if Kogami’s dead friend IS the accomplice?
    [10:48] (Sylocat) Or would that be too obvious?
    [10:48] (Sylocat) Uh oh… they’re going to find a corpse there
    [10:48] (Sylocat) WHAT
    [10:48] (Arrlaari) It’s the missing student
    [10:48] (Sylocat) Oh… is that the girl from the school?
    [10:50] (Sylocat) So, whitehair is just a total literary buff? I’d assumed 1984 was a thematic reference, but maybe he just references a different work of literature each time?
    [10:50] (Sylocat) Wow
    [10:52] (Arrlaari) So, we have the season villain
    [10:52] (Sylocat) Yep
    [10:53] (Arrlaari) And we’ve tied what appeared to be a crime-of-the-week episode to the overall arc
    [10:54] (Sylocat) Yeah. I was wondering if the cases were connected somehow

  2. Hi!
    I was in your FMA Panel today and I just wanted to say that I’ve never enjoyed a panel as much as I enjoyed yours, nor have I ever learned so much in such a short time — and I’m a full time college student, if that says anything. You were truly inspiring and I’m so happy I got to hear your thoughts on one of my most favorite animes. Thanks for being the best part of AB 2016 for me!

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