Checking in…

I still owe one backer reward for My Little Po-Mo vol. 3. I’m going to try to get it done this weekend, but I’ve still got a lot going on, so.

Tuesday/Friday posts will likely continue to be rare/nonexistent through most of the month; I’m hoping to get back to doing them regularly after Anime Boston.

I wanted to put some questions out there–I’d love to hear from all readers, particularly those who don’t comment much.

  1. Does anybody actually read/care about the E.N. Morwen/STO stuff?
  2. In general, is there anything I post regularly or frequently that you’d like to see less of?
  3. Anything I used to do that you’d like to see me start doing again?
  4. Anything I’ve rarely or never done that you’d like to see me do?

I’m open to suggestions/thoughts/requests of any kind! (Doesn’t guarantee I’ll do them, but I’m open to considering anything.)

4 thoughts on “Checking in…

  1. You may already be aware that the Morwen logs are a thing I am Into.

    I also like Re:Play and I’d like to see it faster – but I’m guessing it’s the most time intensive of your current projects.


  2. I’d enjoy more posts like the ones about Jessica Jones or the end of the last series of Doctor Who – just brief ones with loose thoughts and observations on interesting stuff that you have read/watched/played/etc. recently.


  3. 01d55: It really, really is. There’s really no way I can do it faster than I am while also holding down a full-time job…

    Sylo: Yeah, sorry. I’m just not in a fiction-writing headspace very often.

    Artur: See, now that’s something I can do.


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