Checking in…

I still owe one backer reward for My Little Po-Mo vol. 3. I’m going to try to get it done this weekend, but I’ve still got a lot going on, so.
Tuesday/Friday posts will likely continue to be rare/nonexistent through most of the month; I’m hoping to get back to doing them regularly after Anime Boston.
I wanted to put some questions out there–I’d love to hear from all readers, particularly those who don’t comment much.

  1. Does anybody actually read/care about the E.N. Morwen/STO stuff?
  2. In general, is there anything I post regularly or frequently that you’d like to see less of?
  3. Anything I used to do that you’d like to see me start doing again?
  4. Anything I’ve rarely or never done that you’d like to see me do?

I’m open to suggestions/thoughts/requests of any kind! (Doesn’t guarantee I’ll do them, but I’m open to considering anything.)

4 thoughts on “Checking in…

  1. You may already be aware that the Morwen logs are a thing I am Into.
    I also like Re:Play and I’d like to see it faster – but I’m guessing it’s the most time intensive of your current projects.

    • 01d55: It really, really is. There’s really no way I can do it faster than I am while also holding down a full-time job…
      Sylo: Yeah, sorry. I’m just not in a fiction-writing headspace very often.
      Artur: See, now that’s something I can do.

  2. I’d enjoy more posts like the ones about Jessica Jones or the end of the last series of Doctor Who – just brief ones with loose thoughts and observations on interesting stuff that you have read/watched/played/etc. recently.

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