Star Trek, 9/11, and the Age of Perpetual War

A panel I gave at Connecticon 2015, talking about differences between 90s Trek and modern versions, and how those reflect changes in American attitudes to war, terror, and security.
The panel ran out of time, so the last half hour has never been seen anywhere before!
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2 thoughts on “Star Trek, 9/11, and the Age of Perpetual War

  1. One thing that strikes me about Drake is how personally abrasive he is. Playing as a Romulan you’re less exposed to him than the Federation or even Klingons, but the Devidian arc still establishes that one of his highly valued informants doesn’t like him and wants to get out from under his thumb. For Klingons he’s introduced right away as a “worm” hated by every KDF warrior who lays eyes on him, even as his escape leads you to a discovery vital to the security of the Empire.
    Combine that with the fact that he wears the same black-leather villain suit Sloan wore. It suggests that Section 31 is deliberately presenting itself as villainous and antithetical to a Good Starfleet Officer. I’ve yet to see Sloan’s episodes but I’m expecting to see scenes in which he is or could be openly antagonizing Julian.
    It could be that Section 31 believes that being disapproved of by the Fedration at large is essential to their overall mission of preserving the Federation.
    I don’t expect this reading of Section 31 to be consistent with Abrams movies because it involves any subtlety.

    • I think there may be some truth to that. It wouldn’t be the first time a secret police or extralegal military unit have deliberately embraced a “villain” role as part of their image.

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