Upcoming Conventions!

A rare Sunday post from me to give my con schedule for the next couple of months:

  • Feb. 18-21: MAGFest in National Harbor, MD. I’m not doing anything official, unless you count pretending to be a responsible adult so my nephew can go, but if anyone wants to hit me up to hang out or playtest my new BESM crossover campaign, I’m happy to oblige.
  • Feb. 26-28: Mysticon in Roanoke, VA. I’m running the aforementioned crossover campaign several times over the course of the weekend.
  • March 25-27: Anime Boston in, well, Boston: I’m doing five panels, on the application of the heroic trauma model of superheroes to anime, my fifth annual Madoka panel, a panel version of my Fullmetal Alchemy post, a panel version of my Utena commentary, and a new version of Analyzing Anime. I’ll let you know the actual schedule once I know what it is.

After that I’m probably not doing much for a while–definitely doing Connecticon in the summer and maybe AUSA in the fall, but that’s probably it for me for the year.

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