Vlog Review: Over the Garden Wall Ep. 7&8

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2 thoughts on “Vlog Review: Over the Garden Wall Ep. 7&8

  1. I just finished your reviews of Over the Garden Wall. You said you weren’t sure about all the reception committees in Greg’s dream. To me they reminded me very much of the Wizard of Oz, the movie, when Dorothy gets greeted by the various guilds the Lollipop Guild, and the Lullaby League from Munchkin Land. Also I didn’t think Greg really was controlling the weather in that episode. I more took it that it was growing colder and the wind was picking up and Greg was incorporating those physical sensations into his dream and, because he’s Greg, believing that he’s controlling them when he isn’t. Then The Beast imposes himself on the dream to get Greg to come with him. Just my thoughts.
    Anyway, I watched the series because I saw you had reviewed it, so thanks for getting me interested in it.

    • Glad you enjoyed the series! It was pretty good, I thought. And yeah, that’s a great point about Wizard of Oz. I guess I had my brain set on animation and wasn’t thinking about other classic family entertainment.
      I’m afraid it’s been long enough since I’ve seen the episode that I don’t really remember what was up with the weather, sorry.

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