One thought on “re:play Episode 6: Final Fantasy VI Part 6: Six Ten Fifty

  1. 7:57 Zozoan honesty: It’s also possible that lying all the time serves as a kind of local dialect. Someone who never tells the truth is equally reliable as one who always tells the truth. It may seem difficult, but so does Cockney rhyming slang.
    10:11 This argument is worded too strongly. It’s true that currency is purely social and effectively vanishes without social context, most material goods are useful. If your land produces food, it’s got material value. Metals have material properties that make them suitable for use – iron makes strong tools and is an ingredient in steel, copper is a good conductor, etc. Gold is an interesting case, because it’s an intersection. Gold is excellent conductor and resistant to corrosion, making it a superior replacement for copper. But gold is also historically associated with currency in a broad cross-section of human cultures, and so its socially accepted value is much higher than its material use would justify. Consequently, the vast majority of gold possessed by humans is in storage or displayed artwork, and almost all of our wires are made of copper. It’s incongruous that gold continues to be overpriced, from a practical perspective, due to the faith many have in its “intrinsic” value over fiat currencies.
    11:50 Hey, if these monsters are just people, why can they use magic?
    15:26 These dancers are really slamming you. Every time they get a turn one of your takes twice their max hp in damage. From a magic spell.
    16:13 Going back to always-lying as ironic communication: The guy first asserts the opposite of the truth, and then gives you a direction that resembles what you should do but still includes a contradiction of fact. If you understand the Zozo code – never tell the truth – this is useful.
    19:20 Note also that you have to jump from building to building, which another person specifically tells you not to do. Zozo is a town of honest liars.
    21:38 This town is full of useful things. Though impoverished of socially accepted currency, the material conditions are good. The buildings are tall, in good repair, and of modern (given the setting) construction. Has Zozo seized the means of production? Does anyone in Zozo say that the town is poor?
    35:49 A ghost is just hanging around the streets of Zozo. Perhaps this is not a town of humans only, but a place where human outcasts accept the presence of monsters, who have always been outcast.

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