I got nothing

Sorry. Between moving offices at work and the utter chaos that was trying to get everything I had to get done this weekend done (which failed–the book proofing is finished and all the Patreon stuff is done, but I still need to edit this month’s re:play), I do not have the brainjuice necessary to write a post for today.

Also, stabbing pains in my left eye. Fun!

Anyway, sorry. I should have no issues sticking to the schedule the rest of this week, hopefully including having something with actual meat Friday.

P.S.: Welcome to whatever UK-based person(s) or bot(s) have been archive diving lately! I hope, if you are a person, that you are enjoying what you find!

3 thoughts on “I got nothing

  1. Pretty sure it was a migraine. At least, my usual migraine cure (overdose on ibuprofen and wash it down with something caffeinated) sort of worked.


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