Various project ideas that probably will never happen

But you never know. Sorted based on my estimate of how likely they are to happen, from likeliest to least likely:

  • Blind LPs of a couple of recent-ish indie PC games.
  • A playthrough of The Ur-Quan Masters as E.N. Morwen.
  • A book that collects various writings of mine about anime.
  • Let’s Hate, a series in which I yell at games for being bad.
  • Actually fucking finishing that series about the women of Nintendo I did the first entry of for Slacktiverse back in the day.
  • A YA space opera.
  • That fantasy series I posted some chapters from way back when.
  • Any of the epic, sweeping fanfics that have been living in the back of my brain for decades.
  • Reworking one or more of said fanfic ideas into an original work of fiction.

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