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Anime Boston panel applications close in three days and I haven’t submitted anything, due primarily to having very little in the way of ideas. This, in turn, is due to my declining anime wiewing over the last couple of years; there just hasn’t been anything since Madoka Magica which grabbed my attention to remotely that degree.
So this post is a place to brainstorm some ideas, maybe get some feedback if anyone’s interested. The obvious thing–a big panel on Ikuhara’s recent anime–I can’t do because that territory has been thoroughly staked out by my friend Jennifer. But there are ways I can still talk about it…
Anyway, here’s my ideas so far:

  • Elephants, Penguins, and Bears, Oh My!: Animals and the Anime of Kunihiko Ikuhara: Exactly what it says on the tin, talking about the ways in which Ikuhara uses animals to represent personality elements and emotions his characters are unwilling or unable to express.
  • Fullmetal Alchemy: A panel version of the post of the same name, highlighting the ways FMA uses/references the European alchemical tradition.
  • Some kind of sequel to Apocalypse and Anime focusing on personal apocalypses, apocalypse as metaphor for character transformation–Anthy, Shinji, Homura
  • Mayyybe a fifth Madoka panel, idk? If I do, probably focus on narrative substitution and dueling narratives.
  • I guess Analyzing Anime 101, it’s been a year or two since I last did it?

4 thoughts on “Anime Boston Panel Ideas

  1. I’m sure it’s well-covered by other people and probably not in your wheelhouse, but I would be particularly interested in Miyazaki, especially his relationship with children’s literature. He’s adapted at least three American/ European works (Little Mermaid, The Borrowers, and Castle in the Sky) and made radical changes while still keeping the spirit of the original in many ways. So of interest, even if it’s not particularly helpful to you.

  2. SHAFT has announced another Madoka animation project, so that may drive interest in yet another Madoka panel.
    The Ikuhara idea looks worthwhile. Is there a link to Jennifer’s coverage?

  3. Yeah, good point about the Madoka. I think I’ll do it.
    Alas no, Jennifer only records her Disney-related panels, because that’s what she podcasts about.

  4. Shannon–a children’s literature and anime panel is a great idea, and one I’m reasonably well-qualified for (I did some high-level coursework on both children’s lit and nonsense lit in college). But I think the two months until AB is insufficient time to prepare–I’m going to save it for AUSA in the fall.

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