WTF Hatoful Boyfriend

So, incredibly late to the train on this one, but last night I was hanging out with some friends and one of them asserted that, of the four or five video game genres in which he had zero interest, dating sims were the one he would never play at all.
“Not even the pigeon dating sim?” asked my other friend.
Long story short, we downloaded and installed Hatoful Boyfriend and played through multiple routes. Our first playthrough, we failed to romance any of the birds and were assassinated by ninjas working for anti-human bird radicals. Then we got the lesbian biker pigeon ending. Then we entered into an abusive relationship with a pigeon who became the pure concept of hope pudding and rebooted the universe into a place free of witches where everyone has pudding in their hearts. And then we did the weird goth RPG route.
It’s a weird game. I should play more weird games; I play few video games, and therefore need to maximize the novelty contained in each one.

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