3 thoughts on “re:play Episode 5: Final Fantasy VI Part 5: Getting to Know You

  1. From watching Yurikuma Arashi, I’ve inferred that “gau” is a Japanese onomatopoeia associated with bears. My guess is that it’s roughly what we use “grrr” for – the generic angry animal noise.
    A lot of people played this game with no way to know that.
    14:00 – It stands to reason that Cyan saw Celes use magic when he was fighting against her army. We know that happened because Cyan was able to identify her on sight, and the setting has no photography to show him her face without a direct encounter. He may also have seen Kefka use magic while he was serving under Leo at Doma. Once he knows that Terra was an imperial soldier, it’s no longer surprising to him if she uses magic.
    18:00 – This battle involves the party standing between Kefka and not only an Esper, but the leader of the Returners. Killing Bannon (and getting through Edgar & Sabin to do it!) would essentially end organized resistance to Gestahl.
    19:30 – it occurs to me that it may not be necessary to wait for all the Imperial squads to grind themselves into your three teams. Gau & his escorts could probably press forward to Kefka and end the battle early.
    45:00 – This drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens
    53:00 – Yeah there’s clearly just a tube of sand linking those two deserts underneath a mountain range. That’s very real geology. Nothing strange about this castle full of gears swimming through an ocean of grit.
    1:05 – From wha I can tell, the verb “tasukete” (-te form is an informal request, but I actually forget which of the two possible dictionary forms that could become tasukete is correct) encompasses actions that in English are divided between “help” and “save.”

  2. I believe “gau” is closer to a bark than a growl, but yes. It’s a cute animal noise.
    Very good point about Cyan likely having met Celes in battle before. I smell fanfic opportunity!
    Also good point about it being basically the end of resistance–other than the Returners and Doma, there really doesn’t seem to be anyone in the world willing to fight the Empire, and Doma was just wiped out.
    Also yes, I’ve taken that approach before–there’s a spot where you can block enemy progress with just two parties, while a third works their way down. This just felt more appropriate.
    re: Drill: Haha, yes!
    No, it’s bugged me before–thanks to Final Fantasy games I didn’t know even the most basic rules of physical geography until my late teens. I didn’t know there WERE rules, because the FF maps blatantly don’t follow them. In real life, mountains form along plate edges, deserts form in the rain shadows of mountains, rivers flow from heights (usually mountains) to depths (usually oceans). In the FF maps, things form wherever, whenever.
    I’m not sure what your comment about “tasukete” is referring to? It’s really not a help vs. save thing, it’s that Locke was right not to do either, because he was asked not to.

  3. See instead of Final Fantasy games you should have been playing Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, in which the map model does do rain shadows, and you can create or remove them by terraforming. The model is simplified so that the shadow is always in the same compass direction but it determines food productivity of terrain and is therefore important to know!
    The Tasukete thing is something I thought of, and given how important the distinction between helping and saving has been in your past writing I expect it to be relevant to Locke’s Deal at some point.

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