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So, I have an update on the book, which is that my cover designer is starting to feel better and has resumed work. She sent me a draft over the weekend, I’ve sent it back with comments, so hopefully that’ll be finalized soon, and the book shortly after.
I made noises about doing some sort of anime essay collection-type thing this year, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen with all the other plates I’m spinning. Maybe next year.
My Patreon backers voted on what I should watch next for vlog purposes, and the result was a tie between Over the Garden Wall and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. I will therefore be watching Garden, then Star, then Gravity Falls S2. Steven Universe S2 may get inserted in there somewhere if it finishes airing soon enough, but I am skeptical that’s going to happen.
Speaking of the Patreon, it’s dipped a bit. Currently it is $5 short of the $70 needed for re:play to continue, which means this month’s episode (which should be up by the 25th) will be the last until we get back past that milestone. Hoping that happens this month so there’s no gap, but not something I control.
Finally, because it amuses me, an exceedingly unofficial list of titles for the stories of the most recent Doctor Who series (since it was mostly two-parters with related names). In order:

  • The Alchemist’s Companion
  • Next to the Water
  • The Female Human Who Existed
  • The Zygon Invocation
  • Nevermore (no, it’s not really a two-parter and utterly absurd to try to make it one, but let’s face it, the titles are related like it’s one)
  • Afterlife Adjacent

3 thoughts on “General Site News Type Stuff

  1. I hope the Patreon kicks back up as well. I wonder if it was that thing where Patreon recalculated how much to show?
    Incidentally, I can’t make it tomorrow… I have a special early rehearsal, since it’s the last official one before the winter break.

  2. It was a combination of the recalculation and a drop in pledges. The recalculation alone wasn’t enough to drop me below the goal, but the two together did. But happily since then it’s kicked back up, hopefully it’ll stay.
    Too bad about you being unable to make it. I think I’ll just cancel, since I’ve got a lot to do this weekend.

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