MLPFIM S5E23 and 24 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

How to participate in the liveblog chat:  Option 1: Whenever you watch the episode, comment on this post as you watch with whatever responses you feel like posting! Option 2: Go to Enter a nickname, then for the Channels field enter ##rabbitcube, and finally fill in the Captcha and hit Connect! We’ll be watching two episodes of MLP there starting at 1:00 p.m. EST. That is one hour earlier than normal!

I will not be attending the chat because I will be traveling, so if one of the participants could keep a chatlog and post it in the comments, I’ll be much obliged. Some time next week, after my return, I’ll watch the episodes and update this post with a log of my reactions.
ETA: My comments on Ep 23 below the cut! Ep 24 coming later.
ETA 2: And now it’s later!

MLP 23
01[08:40] <Froborr> Okay, watching “Hooffields and McColts” now.
01[08:40] <Froborr> Gee, I wonder if this episode will be about a feud…
01[08:40] <Froborr> Fluttershy runs a book club?
01[08:41] <Froborr> Also, Wuthering Hooves! Hoofcliff! Nice.
01[08:41] <Froborr> Oh hey, Fluttershy’s being summoned for this one, interesting.
01[08:42] <Froborr> Fluttershy and Twilight? Have those two ever hung out alone together before?
01[08:43] <Froborr> This is going to be about overpreparation, isn’t it?
01[08:44] <Froborr> Twilight’s been a little WHAT?
01[08:46] <Froborr> Twilight is in for a rude awakening if she thinks reason and facts will do anything about a feud.
01[08:47] <Froborr> Well, if you’ve ever wondered what a pony lawn gnome would look like…
01[08:48] <Froborr> Yeah, I was betting the solution would be helping each other with their weaknesses.
01[08:49] <Froborr> But Fluttershy’s recruitment of animal friends is going to matter too.
01[08:52] <Froborr> This is about to turn into the Trojan War, isn’t it.
01[08:54] <Froborr> Okay, last act, so now one hurts an animal and Fluttershy hulks out.
01[08:56] <Froborr> Oh hey, that’s not what I was expecting.
01[08:56] <Froborr> But it makes sense, both ponies had to be useful
01[08:56] <Froborr> Damn, Twilight’s powerful.
01[08:58] <Froborr> This is much much much better at dealing with the same themes than that POS “Over a Barrel.”
01[09:01] <Froborr> Okay, that was reasonably cute.
MLP 24
01[00:17] <Froborr> Okay, starting 24.
01[00:17] <Froborr> A festival or carnival or something?
01[00:17] <Froborr> Giant green apples.
01[00:17] <Froborr> Oh, a concert.
01[00:18] <Froborr> Ponypalooza? Not up to their usual pun standards.
01[00:19] <Froborr> Countess Coluratura is pretty good though.
01[00:19] <Froborr> Haha, Applejack is channeling me there. I never know what people are talking about when they’re talking about music.
01[00:20] <Froborr> Of course it’ll be the same Coluratura.
01[00:20] <Froborr> Ah, this is going to be about how old friends can change over time.
01[00:21] <Froborr> I like the song.
01[00:22] <Froborr> Oh god, she arrives on a litter.
01[00:22] <Froborr> Okay, yeah, she’s pony Lady Gaga.
01[00:23] <Froborr> Or maybe not, that’s a very different persona.
01[00:24] <Froborr> Is… is the manager Pony Andy Dick?
01[00:25] <Froborr> So this is going to be about maintaining a public persona and differentiating between that and a person’s real self.
01[00:26] <Froborr> Oh, she had such a nice voice, and they’re autotuning it? That’s tragic!
01[00:26] <Froborr> I mean, that’s the point obviously, that she’s all artifice now, but still.
01[00:27] <Froborr> Yeah, the manager’s a credit-stealin dick.
01[00:27] <Froborr> Yep, Applejack knows the score.
01[00:28] <Froborr> So, war between Applejack and Pony Dick for Coluratura’s soul?
01[00:30] <Froborr> Oh, very clever on Pony Dick’s part.
01[00:31] <Froborr> I thought that was staged for Applejack’s benefit, but I wasn’t sure how.
01[00:34] <Froborr> Why are you apologizing, AJ, what did you THINK was going to happen?
01[00:36] <Froborr> Ah, she’s entering the “I’m going to do something different now” phase of her career.
01[00:36] <Froborr> She slipped a bit British there for a second.
01[00:37] <Froborr> D’aww, AJ.
01[00:38] <Froborr> Oh, that’s really sweet.
01[00:38] <Froborr> Though I have to admit, I’m a little creeped out by what kind of camp encourages little kids to make up songs about how awesome their country is.
01[00:39] <Froborr> Very Bible Camp-y sort of a thing to do, isn’t it?
01[00:39] <Froborr> Still, that was a sweet little episode.
01[00:39] <Froborr> A bit Season 2, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

4 thoughts on “MLPFIM S5E23 and 24 Liveblog Chat Thingy!

  1. Here’s ep 23:
    [12:15] {@Sylocat} Click
    [12:15] {@Sylocat} “Wuthering Hooves.” Oh, this is going to be a good one
    [12:15] {@Sylocat} “Hoofcliff.” I love this episode already
    [12:15] {mere_oblivion} Hoofcliff?!
    [12:16] {@Sylocat} Ooh, another Cutie Map episode
    [12:16] {@Sylocat} I wonder who Fluttershy will be paired off with
    [12:16] {mere_oblivion} Must be CHristmas Eve, all the other animals are talking.
    [12:16] {@Sylocat} IIRC, the only other one who hasn’t been on a two-pony mission yet is Twilight herself
    [12:16] {@Sylocat} So will this be Fluttershy and Twilight?
    [12:16] {@Sylocat} Yep
    [12:17] {@Sylocat} Oh, Twilight
    [12:17] {mere_oblivion} She does rather go on.
    [12:17] {@Sylocat} Ooh, back there?
    [12:17] {@Sylocat} Wait, they’ve never been there? So what was Dragonshy?
    [12:18] {@Sylocat} I’ll have to look that up again
    [12:18] {mere_oblivion} Please do.
    [12:18] {@Sylocat} Oh dear…
    [12:18] {mere_oblivion} She could use a Kindle.
    [12:18] {@Sylocat} Indeed
    [12:18] {@Sylocat} Twilight would immediately mod it to be able to scan any book
    [12:19] {@Sylocat} Given the episode title, I assume this is going to be another Old West pastiche?
    [12:19] {@Sylocat} Ooh, a castle siege?
    [12:19] {mere_oblivion} Or the Appalachians?
    [12:19] {@Sylocat} Don’t you mean “Appleachians?”
    [12:19] {@Sylocat} Yep, it’s a siege
    [12:20] {mere_oblivion} Ooh…
    [12:20] {mere_oblivion} It’s the Beverly Hoofbillies before they strike oil.
    [12:20] {@Sylocat} Eeyup
    [12:20] {@Sylocat} Ahahah
    [12:21] {@Sylocat} Was that before or after you pumpkined them, ma?
    [12:21] {@Sylocat} Oh, Twilight
    [12:21] {mere_oblivion} Yeah, wrecking your house with pebbles is kind of sad.
    [12:21] {@Sylocat} Let me guess, the pumpkining starts right up again
    [12:22] {@Sylocat} “Well, we don’t get much in the way of your fancy newspapers ’round here”
    [12:22] {mere_oblivion} Not even online, I’d guess.
    [12:22] {@Sylocat} Is he a really small pony or is that a really large hat?
    [12:22] {@Sylocat} Oh, it’s both
    [12:22] {@Sylocat} Which of the Seven Dwarfs is he?
    [12:22] {@Sylocat} Oh… Grumpy, obviously
    [12:23] {mere_oblivion} You beat me to it.
    [12:23] {mere_oblivion} But I doubt he used to be Dreamy.
    [12:23] {@Sylocat} You never know
    [12:23] {@Sylocat} Did he just say “Pumpkin quesadillas?”
    [12:24] {@Sylocat} I wonder if that’s a thing
    [12:24] {mere_oblivion} Oh, the Farmer and the Builder should be friends!
    [12:24] {mere_oblivion} It is at Trader Joe’s before Halloween.
    [12:24] {@Sylocat} Good point
    [12:24] {@Sylocat} Oh, Twilight
    [12:24] {@Sylocat} This ain’t gonna go well
    [12:25] {mere_oblivion} She seems almost obnoxiously taken with herself.
    [12:25] {@Sylocat} Ooh, good shot
    [12:25] {@Sylocat} Hey, now they can make tomato soup instead!
    [12:25] {mere_oblivion} That’s very droll, her cutie-mark getting pumpkined.
    [12:25] {@Sylocat} Oh dear
    [12:26] {mere_oblivion} Or tomatoed.
    [12:26] {@Sylocat} Ah, and hay that they can use for building materials
    [12:26] {@Sylocat} So, is this about healthy competition being advantageous?
    [12:26] {@Sylocat} Jeez, is he a cousin of Tank’s?
    [12:26] {@Sylocat} Good thing Rainbow Dash isn’t along on this one, she’d get attached
    [12:26] {mere_oblivion} And about how they can work together to improve their building/farming skills.
    [12:27] {@Sylocat} Let me guess, neither of them knows what the other did
    [12:27] {mere_oblivion} Did she just say that?
    [12:27] {@Sylocat} Wow, the instant I’d started typing that it was established
    [12:27] {mere_oblivion} One cannot simultaneously prepare for and prevent war.
    [12:27] {@Sylocat} Oh, fluttershy
    [12:28] {@Sylocat} WHAT the…
    [12:28] {@Sylocat} Did they bring in Pinkie Pie to help?
    [12:28] {@Sylocat} Oh, it’s a Trojan cake, I assume
    [12:28] {@Sylocat} Ponies hidden inside there
    [12:28] {@Sylocat} Yep, it’s a trap
    [12:28] {mere_oblivion} Long as it isn’t a male stripper, as in that episode of MST.
    [12:28] {@Sylocat} Ahahah… hopefully they didn’t bake the ponies in there
    [12:29] {mere_oblivion} Right!
    [12:29] {@Sylocat} (also, most ponies don’t even wear clothes, what would a stripper even do?)
    [12:29] {mere_oblivion} Good point.
    [12:29] {@Sylocat} Oh, they had a net ready?
    [12:29] {@Sylocat} Ah, are they setting up for a hostage swap?
    [12:29] {mere_oblivion} They’re onto each other.
    [12:30] {@Sylocat} Lord of the Rings, this ain’t
    [12:31] {@Sylocat} So, is the conflict going to be resolved with, “But innocent animals are getting caught in the crossfire”
    [12:31] {mere_oblivion} Hey, cool idea.
    [12:31] {@Sylocat} Wait, what?
    [12:31] {@Sylocat} Oh dear, the feud has an environmental impact?
    [12:32] {@Sylocat} Ah, of course, the animals know
    [12:32] {mere_oblivion} Gettin’ heavy!
    [12:32] {@Sylocat} WHOA
    [12:32] {@Sylocat} Are they supposed to look like anyone in particular?
    [12:33] {@Sylocat} Or just generic hillbillies (or hoofbillies)
    [12:33] {mere_oblivion} Rutherford B. Hayes and Ulysses S. Grant?
    [12:33] {@Sylocat} Ah, of course… a petty dispute over literally five square meters of land turned into a feud that consumed entire families for generations
    [12:34] {@Sylocat} Dang…
    [12:34] {mere_oblivion} Sounds like the middle east except this land is perty.
    [12:34] {@Sylocat} That’s horrible, even for you :p
    [12:34] {@Sylocat} (just kidding)
    [12:34] {mere_oblivion} Really? As Dr F and TV’s F would say: Thank you!
    [12:35] {@Sylocat} Eww
    [12:35] {@Sylocat} Twilight, don’t ruin it
    [12:35] {mere_oblivion} Eww, a spitting ritual. They really are hicks.
    [12:35] {@Sylocat} So long as Twilight stops helping, this will hold
    [12:35] {mere_oblivion} Exactly.
    [12:36] {@Sylocat} Dang, that’s a brilliant idea for a structure
    [12:36] {mere_oblivion} Very post-Amish.
    [12:36] {mere_oblivion} Neo-Amish?
    [12:36] {@Sylocat} And together, the two families will have the economic power to rule all of Equestria!
    [12:37] {@Sylocat} Quantum physics is a thing in Equestria?
    [12:37] {mere_oblivion} Like the South rules the USA?
    [12:37] {@Sylocat} They didn’t even make a pony pun out of it
    [12:37] {mere_oblivion} Quantum physics . . . yeah, that one throws me too.
    [12:38] {@Sylocat} I’m not sure how you’d make a horse pun out of quantum physics, but still…
    [12:38] {mere_oblivion} Good ep, though!
    [12:38] {@Sylocat} Indeed
    [12:38] {@Sylocat} I was worried it’d just be another “everyone should be friends all the time just because” thing, but it made an excellent point about crossfire
    [12:39] {mere_oblivion} It did at that. Good thing Fluttershy is like Ranger Gord and can speak Animal. .
    [12:40] {@Sylocat} (of course, I was biased in this episode’s favor from the moment I heard the phrase “Wuthering Hooves,” which was five seconds into the episode)

  2. [12:41] {@Sylocat} Here’s the next ep
    [12:41] {@Sylocat} Start preloading while I copy the chat over to Froborr’s blog
    [12:41] {mere_oblivion} Okey-doke.
    [12:42] {mere_oblivion} The Mane Attraction? So we’re back in Storybrooke?
    [12:43] {@Sylocat} Heheh…
    [12:43] {mere_oblivion} Sorry about that one.
    [12:43] {@Sylocat} Quite all right. Ready?
    [12:43] {mere_oblivion} Yep.
    [12:43] {@Sylocat} Click
    [12:43] {@Sylocat} Huh… some kind of faire
    [12:43] {@Sylocat} Concert? Who’s playing?
    [12:44] {mere_oblivion} Ponypalooza.
    [12:44] {@Sylocat} And Helping Hooves
    [12:44] {@Sylocat} Oh boy.
    [12:44] {@Sylocat} Sapphire Shores?
    [12:44] {@Sylocat} Nope
    [12:44] {@Sylocat} Cheese Sandwich?
    [12:44] {@Sylocat} What?
    [12:44] {@Sylocat} I didn’t hear that
    [12:44] {mere_oblivion} What did she say?
    [12:44] {mere_oblivion} Oh, okay.
    [12:45] {@Sylocat} Oh, that’s what she said
    [12:45] {mere_oblivion} Also known as the Canterlot Nightingale?
    [12:45] {mere_oblivion} She doesn’t touch my piano and i don’t touch her coloratura.
    [12:45] {@Sylocat} Oh dear
    [12:45] {@Sylocat} Ahahah
    [12:45] {@Sylocat} From the opera Rigormortis
    [12:46] {mere_oblivion} Yes!
    [12:46] {mere_oblivion} Hope it’s the real one and not, say, Reg Dwight.
    [12:46] {@Sylocat} That was my first thought too
    [12:46] {mere_oblivion} We’re peas in a pod.
    [12:46] {@Sylocat} Though they also have the same color coat and mane
    [12:47] {@Sylocat} Did they get a special guest VA for this?
    [12:47] {mere_oblivion} As voices go, I prefer Ursula.
    [12:47] {@Sylocat} And eeyup, she’s a diva all right
    [12:48] {@Sylocat} Ooh, a punk rocker!
    [12:48] {mere_oblivion} Or a Madonna wannabe? She does look as though 1983 just vomited all over her.
    [12:48] {@Sylocat} Ah, the obligatory jerkass manager and roadies
    [12:49] {@Sylocat} Well, she recognized her, so it’s (probably) not a Reg Dwight thing
    [12:49] {mere_oblivion} I hope that manager is a female.
    [12:49] {@Sylocat} Oh jeez, this guy needs to get a smackdown
    [12:49] {@Sylocat} And I’m looking forward to it already
    [12:49] {mere_oblivion} Hope his voice doesn’t change afterward.
    [12:50] {@Sylocat} What.
    [12:50] {@Sylocat} A bowl of gems? Does she have a pet dragon?
    [12:50] {@Sylocat} Ah, continuity!
    [12:50] {@Sylocat} Gustav Le Grande reference
    [12:51] {mere_oblivion} Success has gone to her mane.
    [12:51] {@Sylocat} They don’t see right away that it’s only the jerkwad manager who demands that stuff?
    [12:51] {@Sylocat} Ooh, a more modern number
    [12:51] {@Sylocat} Even Rainbow Rocks didn’t have a techno beat like this
    [12:51] {@Sylocat} Where’s DJ PON-3?
    [12:52] {@Sylocat} Whoa
    [12:52] {mere_oblivion} Yeah, I’m .  .  . impressed. I like her multiracial backup dancers, too.
    [12:52] {@Sylocat} Calling it now, the manager wrote those lyrics too
    [12:53] {mere_oblivion} I guess they qualified as lyrics.
    [12:53] {@Sylocat} His name is Svengallop?
    [12:53] {@Sylocat} No wonder
    [12:53] {mere_oblivion} Now that’s an obscure one for today’s audience, I would think.
    [12:54] {@Sylocat} Rarity wasn’t technically wrong about the bells and whistles being a lot of work, though
    [12:54] {mere_oblivion} True.
    [12:54] {@Sylocat} Ah, so here’s where he gets his much-deserved hoofstomping
    [12:55] {mere_oblivion} I think Svengallop uses the Sierra System.
    [12:55] {@Sylocat} So it’s about the conflict between creative and corporate?
    [12:55] {@Sylocat} I’m surprised he hasn’t tapped Darren Nichols to design the lighting for a show
    [12:55] {mere_oblivion} And how artists have to reconnect with their simple-pony-folk roots?
    [12:56] {@Sylocat} Oh dear
    [12:56] {@Sylocat} I was expecting it to go there at first, but I’d stopped expecting it to go there since then
    [12:57] {mere_oblivion} That was kind of easy (Applejack getting her to go along with her ppln.
    [12:57] {mere_oblivion} plan.)
    [12:58] {mere_oblivion} Wondered where Twilight was.
    [12:58] {@Sylocat} AHAHAH
    [12:59] {@Sylocat} So is AJ going to be her new manager?
    [12:59] {mere_oblivion} She’ll have to go Unplugged!
    [12:59] {@Sylocat} Oh, Rarity is going to volunteer?
    [13:00] {mere_oblivion} Evidently. But she needs simplicity, so . . .
    [13:00] {mere_oblivion} (Coloratura needs simplicity, I mean.)
    [13:00] {@Sylocat} Rarity knows enough to go simple when the situation calls for it
    [13:00] {@Sylocat} (by now she knows it, anyway)
    [13:00] {mere_oblivion} True.
    [13:00] {@Sylocat} Ooh, a piano!
    [13:01] {@Sylocat} And she’s worried they won’t accept her change of style
    [13:01] {@Sylocat} Aww
    [13:01] {mere_oblivion} Just . . . Aww.
    [13:01] {@Sylocat} Ah, I see Octavia’s silhouette
    [13:02] {mere_oblivion} Who’s she, again?
    [13:02] {@Sylocat} That gray pony who plays the cello…
    [13:02] {mere_oblivion} Oh, right.
    [13:03] {@Sylocat} Let me guess, after this song ends, there’s going to be an awkward silence from the audience, then one by one they all start clapping
    [13:03] {@Sylocat} Oh… they all started clapping right away?
    [13:03] {mere_oblivion} Yeah, more like YSP.
    [13:03] {@Sylocat} Aww
    [13:04] {@Sylocat} I am genuinely shocked that I didn’t see THIS coming
    [13:04] {mere_oblivion} Quadruple Aww.
    [13:04] {mere_oblivion} And the return of the triangle!
    [13:04] {@Sylocat} Indeed
    [13:05] {@Sylocat} Dang, that was a good’un
    [13:05] {mere_oblivion} Man, i can’t believe two episodes are over already.
    [13:05] {mere_oblivion} and yes, it was.
    [13:05] {@Sylocat} And next time, we do the two-part season finale
    [13:06] {mere_oblivion} Zowie. I’ll be living in Plain by then!
    [13:06] {@Sylocat} (which I’m going to watch ahead and spoil for myself, I confess)
    [13:06] {mere_oblivion} Really? Mais pourquoi?
    [13:06] {@Sylocat} (if only because I can’t resist)
    [13:07] {@Sylocat} In the meantime, though, I’m off to rehearsal, and I will see you shortly after that
    [13:07] {mere_oblivion} Have a blast, Nickster.
    [13:07] {@Sylocat} Thank you
    [13:07] {@Sylocat} Oh, gotta copy this over as well
    [13:07] {mere_oblivion} Thanks for the double whammy and CU soon.

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